Out to Lunch

Yesterday I took K to lunch.

Just her and I, after preschool.

At first she was confused.

Why weren't her brother and sister coming. School.

Where was daddy? Surveying.

Just the two of us....she wasn't as thrilled as I thought she'd be.

But after her happy face pancake came, she was cool with it.

Yes, it was lunch time, but we both ate breakfast.

We colored, we pretended, we sang a song.

She told me how her Thumbert-the name she calls her sucky thumb-hurt himself on his bike.

But, thank god for Blankie who is making Thumbert feel better.

I love that imagination.

Then she told me all the friends she played with at school that day.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a girl name FLAFLA in her class, but it's always fun talking with a 3 year old.

They are so convincing.

She also informed me about the boy who is always in time out.

I suggested she didn't play with him, all the while envisioning that someday in high school this rebel boy may become her boyfriend, and Hubby and I would have to hold some kind of relationship intervention with her on how not to fall for the 'bad boys.'

Yeah, my imagination can get the best of me sometimes.

After a stacking of all the jelly cups, mixed with the creamer cups, I asked K if she was having fun with mommy.

She said, "uh huh, can we go home now, and will you put Barbie and the 3 Musketeers on TV for me?"

I'm THAT fun to lunch with!

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  1. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Kids...Ya gotta love em'

    I don't even want to think about my girl dating a "bad boy" ugh....that time may come too :(

    Oh How I wish my life was just Barbie and the 3 Musketeers!

  2. Ann Harrison said...

    It's hard to compete with Barbie.

    (I bet you're a GREAT lunch date)

  3. Ali said...

    I love breakfast for lunch...and breakfast for dinner. What a great date!

  4. life in the mom lane said...

    I miss those days so much.... My kids are now 21, 18, 16... and we have experienced the whole bad boy thing too... not fun...

    I agree ... Barbie is a tough act to compete with... but believe it or not she WILL remember these "dates" and look bad at them and realize that you made her feel special. :)

  5. Jenni said...

    You can take me out for pancakes ANY time!

  6. Merrie said...

    Awww -- too sweet!

    I asked Noelle last night if she wanted to go on a date with me this weekend. I picked the perfect time because she was in a bad mood. You should have seen her smile. :) K will do that once she realizes time with mom is waaay better than time with a video.

  7. kel said...

    Well, Barbie movies are pretty darn interesting.....

  8. He & Me + 3 said...

    We play with the jellys and creamers too. My son would rather watch TV somedays too:)

  9. Martha said...

    She just might remember that lunch date when she is older, and really appreciate it!!! Do you know there is a Barbie A Christmas Carol movie? Shhh Tara still likes those movies (never played with Barbies) - we rented it tonight, but the disk is bad, so she didn't watch it all!

  10. Mrs4444 said...

    I promise that if you take me out for breakfast-lunch, we can stay as long as you like, and I'll even let you buy me dessert :)

  11. Angela @ Nine More Months said...

    It's okay, Mason has a friend named Mertay. They can be so creative sometimes...

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