Welcome to 2010, Now Where are the Mashed Potatoes!?

New Year's Eve.

Generally like any other night, but we are a tad more lenient on the bed time.

I think the kids have made it literally to the stroke of midnight maybe once or twice before sacking out, but all the anticipation is just as fun.

Tonight we decided on a simple take out pizza, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, Pepsi, and wine for mom and dad.

I bought those mini explosives they dub "poppers" at Target and we're set.

Man setting off those little buggers at 9 in honor of our East Coast neighbors, I nearly burned my hand. Those things get HOT. Oh and you know the whole gun powder thing...I've introduced the love of poker and semi-legal fireworks to my children this week. Go me!

Routine things still happen around the house.

Showering and tubby time for everyone. It's Thursday for goodness sake.

Just a week ago we were anticipating Santa Clause, now "Twenty Ten" is upon us.

I'm not going to make any resolutions this year.

I'm sure I won't lose weight, get a tummy tuck, or give up pizza in 2010, or any other year in the future, and I've given up on the whole money tree delusion.

I would like to really up my veggie intake.

And, not eat out as much.

But, I won't promise it, that's setting myself up for failure right off the bat.

We watch the ball drop....see a little TOO much of J.Lo on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve, and call it a night.

The wafty scent of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate dancing in our heads.

I feel a little high, is that possible!?


So 2010, here you are.

I wake with a hunger that already makes me think any resolutions are going to be broken by breakfast.

Breakfast leads me to think about lunch and dinner...bacon-wrapped anything and Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes.

I'm screwed.

A drive out of town shakes my desire to eat my midday snack straight from the frosting tub.

A gorgeous 63 degree day in Silicon Valley.

As the last of my children's Christmas gift card stash is used, I think back upon 2009 and look forward to this new year.

If anything, this past week with our family has been lovely. Relaxing. Fun.

Here's to many more days very similar.

Happy New Year friends!

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Here's to a year of healthy mashed potatoes, right?

    Happy 2010!

  2. michelle said...

    Sounds like a perfect New Year's Eve.

  3. Cecily R said...

    Awww man! You gave up on the money tree thing too? Dang it I wanted that one to be real.

    Sounds like you had a perfect end to the year. Here's hoping 2010 is even better!

  4. Mrs4444 said...

    Pretty uneventful kick-off over here, too, which is a good thing, right? Happy New Year!

  5. prashant said...

    Sounds like a perfect New Year's Eve.

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  6. Shana Putnam said...

    We ate cheesy mac and Blaze and Chris were n bed by 10:30. I stayed up blogging and the crocheting. Not the New Year's Eves of the past but perfectly fine with me. Have a great day!

  7. JHS said...

    I made prime rib, baked potatoes, and spinach salad. Sat down on the couch to watch "Julie and Julia" & promptly zoned out. Didn't get around to actually watching it until yesterday. Yup, I'm a party animal. :-)

    BTW, I checked out the prairie woman's mashed potatoes recipe. Pffffftttt. Mine is much better. :-) I use real whipping cream & at least 2 kinds of cheese, plus bacon. I don't mess around with 1/2 & 1/2, & I don't put them in the oven -- I would think that would dry them out & then you have to use all that butter to put some moisture back in. My boys LOVE my mashed potatoes, but they are only for special occasions because they will clog up your arteries in no time & you might as well just spoon them into bags and wear them on your hips. :-) On regular days, I use nonfat milk & nonfat cheese . . . boring, but much healthier.

    Happy New Year!

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    The Rising Blogger

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