Hope Your Hubby Brings Your Coat to the Airport!

Took a trip today to visit one of my oldest friends.

We've been pals since 5th grade, 25 years!!

Currently we've been 2 hours apart in distance, nothing when you think she'll now be 6 hours away by plane.


I'm so geographically challenged I had to look for it on the map to find it smack dab in the middle of the US.

It's 14 degrees there right now we concluded....and she packed her coat on the moving truck that left town with her Hubby last week.


She's been a California girl like I have her whole life. She's kinda in the "holy hell, what am I doing moving to the land of frigid winters, humid summers, fenceless backyards, and strangers?!"

On the way home I began my panic attack...a sympathy one for her.

She gets to fly out Tuesday with 3 kids in tow (one being a wiggly 2 year old) and super-extreme security, 2 hour layovers, and no Xanax.

I also took one of those for her.

Not to mention K screamed the whole way home at the top of her lungs, "I want to play DQ's Nintendo DS!"

Needless to say she fell into a tantrum-nap and my ears are still ringing a bit.


My heart hurts.

I know of late we'd only been a phone call away...., and we still will be, but Missouri isn't just a weekend jaunt.

Sometimes you think 2 hours by car is far, I am now regretting not getting together much, much more.

I remember 5th grade. It was those days when tweens could stay home alone for hours while their parents worked and it was no big whoop.

We didn't get into too much trouble then. Just spent hours watching MTV, crank calling "friends," and being silly.

Now we both have kids, and commitments that have to take us in the direction best for our families...hopefully not pulling us apart.

We've already planned to get to an Oprah show...ChiTown only being a 3 hour drive from her place.

And...get over to visit my friend G in Indy...where I just learned is nearly as close as Oprah (NOT a geography major i'm telling you).

So until my plane ticket is bought and we can head to the ...er..midwest...plan a trip to the Arch and a Cardinals' game, I wish you the best, friend.

Love ya, and good luck!

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  1. Unknown said...

    I'm sorry! It's really hard when long-time friends move away! (And when you have to move away from them.)

    By the way, I'm not dead!

  2. Michelle said...

    Aww...that stinks! I am on the other end of this. All my BFF's are 1700 miles away in Colorado.

  3. Bree Shaw said...

    i'm in missouri too:) and yes it is freaking cold here right now, like -6 today! hope your friend adjusts well as well as you too.

  4. Tenakim said...

    When you visit her here in Misery- you better find me!

  5. Paige said...

    It really isnt that far--I fly from StL to LAX for weekends all the time---flight time is under four hours and with the time change, it is not that bad.

    Just don't come now or in August, or you will be sorry--shittiest times of the year here

  6. Shana Putnam said...

    My best friend moved when we were 14. We have been best friends since we were 2. That is 30 years. We have always stayed in touch and she was only a state away but she joined the air force after a few years in college and then the real distances started. Japan was the hardest. We couldn't even talk much because of the time difference but she is back in the states now and we just saw each other for Christmas but I miss the times we were so close geographically.

  7. Unknown said...

    Aww Darlin...
    It's tough when lifelong friends move away. ;(

  8. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    What a bummer. Hopefully, you'll get to take some trips out to see her and she will get to take some to see you.

  9. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    :( BUMMER, it's hard when friends move away. I foresee a Mommy getaway in the future though!

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