Flight 2010 to Gagsville, Now Boarding

...it's baaaaaaaack!

The Bachelor is on like Donkey Kong (grabbed that from you Merrie).

And oh it's so trashy it's delicious.

Doesn't take much for me to be entertained, really.

My goal in life is to laugh and have fun.

The Bachelor satisfies part of that goal and then some.

Last night during the premiere, I whined a little beforehand that hubby and I didn't have our traditional bottle of wine to share.

It helps with digesting the absolute garbage you hear from 25 girls all vying to marry Jake after knowing him for a whole 20 minutes. Oh and he's the pilot, one of Jillian's toss-aways from last season's the Bachelorette, remember? He cried.

So anyway, hilariously enough, we didn't need the liquid encouragement. We laughed and joked enough about all the crazies that literally trip over their dresses to get one on one time with this year's bachelor.

Jake. He's the "nice guy" whining that that he never gets more than a first date because girls would rather have a man who's a little more of a jerk.

I don't know....maybe it's the whole "love is beautiful, love makes the world go round" and ooh dancing unicorns and rainbows mantra he has going on, and maybe it's the unnatural way he goes about finding his soul mate on national TV...but GACK! Dude MAN UP!

Whatever, it's entertainment, I have to remember that.

So there's the typical gaggle of girls. The really pretty ones that you wonder...why can't they find a real date?! (Elizabeth from NE and Ali).

The one with the kid...Ella.

The jealous crier...Michelle.

The one with GINORMOUS boobs...Rozlyn.

...and the over-confident one with "crazy eyes" according to hubby...Vienna.

Now Jake did say he had a sexual attraction to Rozlyn already...who wouldn't, I think I do too. But, he went on to add that wasn't ALL he was looking for in a woman.

Yeah..but he did give her a rose didn't he?!

So as the show normally does, it keeps drama around for drama's sake and for ratings. He kept Michelle and Vienna.

So I religiously will DVR this planewreck and will have my wine ready for next week's episode filled with the most drama-filled season yet.

Oh and DUH...he has his shirt off in 90% of all episodes.

Who's with me?!

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  1. shutter girl said...

    Well, it wouldn't be the Bachelor without the gratuitous shirtless push ups, now would it? I admit that I love to watch this drivel even though I swore I wouldn't after the Jason/Melissa/Molly fiasco...shame on me!

  2. Ranch Girl said...

    Yup - I'll be watching too - but I couldn't bribe my hubby (with ANYTHING) to watch it with me!

  3. Martha said...

    Not one that I watch... not adding it to the list, I already watch too much stupid TV. Do you remember the one where the daughters were trying to find a wife for their dad? That one I watched. I'm saving up my TV time for Survivor, 24, LOST, and I am sure something I am forgetting!

    He's got a nice smile though!

  4. Merrie said...

    I wasn't going to watch, but after reading you I may have to check it out last week. Remember when we used to all get together and watch? lol
    Thanks for the shout out, sistah!

  5. Merrie said...

    Or...I may have to check out NEXT week.

    I've said it once before today: my brain is like oatmeal.

  6. Christi said...

    all i have to say is: what was up with his tie?! seriously?

  7. Vicki said...

    I can't do this one. I watched last night and was just amazed by these woman. I mean, really - it's pitiful that they want to marry him just from what they saw of him on TV. Hello - Desperate much?
    But honestly - if he said "Absolutely" one more freaking time last night - I thought I'd scream!
    Sorry Jen, I can't join ya this time!!! :(

  8. Shana said...

    Pretty sure this one is the cheesiest one YET! How about that shower scene in the beginning??? I was cracking up as the camera panned down and then back up! LOL

  9. The Mom Jen said...

    I agree...major cheesefest. Hubby says this every season, "any self-respecting man/woman would not go on that show to look for love." Neither of us would if we were single...maybe it's just the attraction that it's so unlike us, we want to see how the other half lives.

  10. Cecily R said...

    ...dancing unicorns and rainbows mantra...HAHAHA!! I don't watch it but that was darn funny!

  11. Honey B. said...

    Ohh, the Bachelor...a friend in college and I used to watch it every week during study time...it was a mandatory break, with wine! lol

  12. Unknown said...

    Girl, I LOVED the crazies! It seemed so out of control this year--the tripping, the crying, the talks of marriage.

    I cannot wait until next week. This season? A total keeper!

  13. CIP said...

    Hahahhaa! Plane wreck! LOVE IT.

  14. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    These girls! When they first meet him outta the limo and the CORNY things they said I was like WHAT? Craziness The Filipino girl that said he could land his plane on her landing strip.....wh wh WHAT! OMG

    With that said I ruined it and went to realitysteve to check out which girl was part of the scandal and let my eyes wander too much and saw his rundown of the whole season and who the finals all were and the end girl!

    I will probably still watch though!

  15. kristi said...

    After BACHELOR BOB, I stopped watching this train wreck of a show.

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