Is Hugging Your Primary Care Physician Inappropriate?

I've mentioned it before, I love my doctor.

He took over for my original, now retired primary care physician.

He rocks!

I mean he stays in the office during the week sometimes to 6:30pm and one day a week it's until 8pm!

AND, he has SATURDAY office hours!

Today after taking the girls in for ear, sinus, and pinkeye issues, he pulled me aside and asked my opinion!

"How would you feel about me opening on Saturdays from 10-3 instead of 8:30-noon?"

Me: I'm totally cool with that, some people get up late on the weekends...

Okay, I didn't say "totally" or "cool" I think I said "that would be completely wonderful" but you know what I mean, I was talking to a M.D. for goodness sakes.

Then he asked, "What about Sundays, should I be available for those same hours on Sundays?"

Me: OMG, would it be totally inappropriate if I HUGGED you right now?!

I do think I said "totally" that time.

Seriously, open on Saturday AND Sunday.

Can you marry one of my daughters in one of those states that makes it okay?!

Finally, someone catching on that illness doesn't only happen from 9-5 Monday through Thursday minus the 2 hour lunchtime.

My 3 kids have a pediatrician 20 minutes away, who charges an extra $70 for same-day visits.

Hell ya I'm switching them all to my doctor!

I bright light to my rather gloomy day!!

Now let's talk about the wait at Target's germ-infested pharmacy.

An hour, that is just asking me to go postal.

I need a hot, clorox shower. STAT.

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  1. Leslie said...

    You missed on important detail...

    Is he cute?

  2. Leslie said...

    I meant "one"

    I was a little too excited to hit the publish button. He sounds too perfect!

  3. Carri said...

    That is an awesome doctor. My pediatrician stays open all the time as well and we love her. I definitely think doctor's who charge extra should not be doctors.

  4. Bren said...

    I am so jealous! Doctors in our town disappear on the weekends (even when you are in labor!). I would LOVE to have one doctor within 20 miles who realized that yes - most kids get sick at say 5:45 on a friday night!!! You are one lucky lady!

  5. McMommy said...

    That isn't a doctor....THAT'S A SAINT!!!

    And yes, do pharmacies completely gross you out or what?! I get a panicky when I have to push the buttons on the debit card thingy. Because you KNOW they are not disinfecting those buttons!!!

  6. Adoption of Jane said...

    Lucky You!!!

  7. Ranch Girl said...

    All I can say is, does that doctor HAVE a family?! Because if he doesn't see them very often. That aside, he's definitely going to have a LOT of patients who love him!

  8. Juliana said...

    No, I think it it totally fine. I have hugged mine. They are hard to come by. Oh and when they look like McDreamy or McSteamy it is a bonus.

  9. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Yeah, Jam is on the right he Mc-Fine or what?

    And also, does he make House Calls? I mean for the *sick* children of course!

    And just for added shock value..your word verification on this post is rappe...seriously...

  10. Anonymous said...

    that's simply amazing!

  11. SweetPeaSurry said...

    Okay ... quick Target pharmacy related question, why can't they just call your name over the intercom when your prescript is ready? Is it too much to ask for a little browsing time in said Target? Wouldn't the store itself be pulling in bigger bucks that way, instead of using the IC for ... 'price checks on aisle five'? Weird!

  12. life in the mom lane said...

    WOW... he sounds unbelievable... I think my Dr. is awesome, but he doesn't do weekends.... your doc wins hands down as dr. of the year!

  13. The Mom Jen said...

    For the record, he is not McDreamy or McSteamy, but he is a fabulous doctor.

    He also has a NP help him out on those extra long hours!

  14. Anonymous said...

    Oh wow.. he sounds wonderful!!

    No McDreamy though?? Darn, I was all set to move! LOL

    So, I'm not clear ~ did you actually hug him?

  15. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Wow, What a nice Doc! Does he look like McDreamy or McSteamy because then I would have some sort of illness weekly :)

  16. Khadra said...

    $70 for same day visits! OMG, yes I would switch them too!!

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