The Bachelor: The Awkward Edition

So the Bachelor is really not as fun to watch without wine. (But I tune in for the gun

Tons of eye-rolling this week, and I even had to cover my eyes a few times at the plane wreck I saw coming.

What an awkward episode right?

So the RV makes it's final vacation destination in sunny San Francisco. Sunny...really? Wow they timed that right on the one day a year it looks like that.

I like to think SF is Portland's dreary southern cousin.

Anyway, 5 girls, 4 dates this week and Tenley is chosen for solo-date number one.

Now, I seem to recall that a few episodes back there was a preview...that someone that squeaked like Tenley told Jake she was pregnant. Was I drinking too heavily or did anyone else remember that.....SO when is THAT going to happen!?

Back to the date. I can't seem to think straight.

Jake and Tenley head to Coit Tower, yadda yadda and he throws out the million dollar question ....what did she do wrong in her marriage that would be different next time!? Her whole answer just dripped of missing her husband, believing it was all her fault he cheated, and she still loved him. Awkward Moment #1.

I'm not a Tenley fan.

Next, Gia and Vienna get a double date to a castle/winery in Napa. Awkward Moment #2. Vienna is stealing all the attention and Gia feels like a potted plant. UNTIL...Jake whisks her away and proceeds to tell her he's really into her. They mega-makeout and here comes Vienna to ruin their moment claiming she was lost in the dungeon, oh the drama.

After escorting both of them back to their room for the night, Vienna sneaks out and visits Jake in his room with wine. Awkward Moment #3 Jake is NOT into this at all. Although in his recap, he admits she looked smokin' sexy and he was thinking dirty thoughts, his body language screamed Get the Hell Out! By the by, I'm not against Vienna. I think she's incredibly immature, but I don't dislike her as much as the girls on the show. Her eye make up does scare me though.

Next, Jake takes Corrie for a walk in the park, a boat ride, and to a science museum after hours. Um, I don't know about you, but science museums don't turn me on....really, what the public library wasn't available? Even the crickets were bored.

So Corrie admits she's saving herself for marriage and other than that, they had no chemistry and the whole date was Awkward Moment #4.

Ali lives in SF and got to plan their one-on-one date, showing him around her city. She seemed to grow up a little on this date and hopefully can get over her loathing of Vienna. Hubby thinks she and Jake have a brother/sister type relationship going on. I don't know who kisses their sibling like that...but we'll see.

Jake gives roses to Ali, Gia, Tenley, and...VIENNA. What the what!? I thought thought he was going to pull the "dump 2 for the price of 1" gig, but alas he will meet Vienna's daddy...who she claims hates everyone she brings home. Great, good luck buddy!

Of course a teaser to next week and what I think is the whole pregnancy scandal. Can't wait.

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  1. Merrie said...

    I watched last night and could not believe all the awkwardness! The funniest part was when Jake and Ali jumped into the ocean and I yelled out, "Not the BOOTS!" Ah well. I still can't believe he dumped Corrie -- I liked her. I still think they contract it in that he can't dump crazy until after hometowns.

  2. Carri said...

    I love this post definitely a good re-cap. I personally am a Vienna and Tenley fan. I think Tenley is genuine but the whole her fault the ex cheated this bothered me greatly. Gia is still one of my fav's though. Maybe because we are both from NY. I just keep thinking when is her Italian NY attitude gonna come out, it is impossible for her to be that darn sweet. I do give her credit for being so calm with Vienna though because I dont think I could do the same.

  3. Ashley said...

    hahahaha did your hubby see her straddling him in the park?

  4. Samantha said...

    WHAT was up with the science museum?? Fun date! ha!

  5. life in the mom lane said...

    My favorites are Tenley & Gia- I too hope the spoilers are wrong because Vienna is just so wrong for him on so many different levels.

    If he chooses her I give it 3 mos. tops.

  6. Fearless_Fabulous_Gayle said...

    I saw on one of those evening shows (Entertainment tonight or one of them) that it was a joke about Tenley being pregnant...they showed a clip where she said that, then said hahaha just kidding.
    I was watching the Bonnie Hunt talk show yesterday...and they showed a clip of the "Vienna in bed with Jake" scene....and after Vienna kissed him, while she was climbing out of his bed he wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand and had a disgusted look on his face!! Funny stuff!
    Also, while Ali was straddling him on the beach I saw him GRAB HER A$$! Then I guess he realized what he had just done (on tv) and moved his paw quickly!!
    This show cracks me up! I am a Tenley fan also...Ali got on my nerves with all that drama she showed at the rose ceremony. I thought maybe she would end up looking bad because she harped on Vienna so much. She should just worry about herself and Jake, and show who she is and what she has to offer to impress him, not by going on about who someone else is or not, and what they say or do.

  7. NotJustAnotherJen said...

    Hey Jen. Glad I found your site. I too am a believer that blogging is therapy and a Bachelor fan...well semi-fan. I typically try to skip the middle section because I think it's gross one guy openly dating so many girls and the slobber-fest that goes on. However, I like that Jake was cutting the low hanging fruit off the tree at a rapid pace and crazy V had me laughing so I've keep on. I have a blog too and just can't get it together enough to write my comments the very next morning. Are all your kids in school? How do you get the quiet time to post immediately? So, you're awesome, but then again, you're a jen.

    And not to wreck this love fest, but I'm an Ali fan. Why not you? Tenley is too peppy and Gia is pretty wall paper. I'm tellin ya, Ali's the girl.

    Well, I hope you take a moment and drop by my site sometime.

    Keep up the good blogging!

  8. Mrs. Ed said...

    I thought this bachelor was rather gay, actually...not that there is anything wrong with that....

  9. Texasholly said...

    This bachelor is one big awkward pause. I am a fan cuz he lives about 2 miles down the road, but I can not watch because it is sooooo freaking awkward. all of it!

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