My Self-Portrait, and a Side of Snow

If you know me well enough, you know I like to self-diagnose myself.

I went to medical school apparently.

In my dreams.

Well actually last night I dreamt I was in a Kindergarten classroom again, teaching kids to read. Except they weren't kids, they were 60 year old men.

Anyhoo...I'm a doctor.

A real doctor diagnosed my psoriasis 4 years ago.


Just that word makes me cringe.

And itch.

It's such a weird word too...I mean, silent P?

So my scalp has more snow on it than the Alps and 4 years ago I got a prescription for some medicine for my scalp and for my skin.

It worked really well, but like everything else in my medical world...the insurance sucked and the Rx's were through the roof.

One large tube of Dovenex cream...THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

May as well be ONE MILLION DOLLARS a la Dr. Evil!

The stuff for my scalp, about $75 a month.

So 2 years later I haven't gotten back to the derm because it's an hour away, so I have no new meds, and alas, the snowy shoulders.

Plus, my hair is jet black so it's completely obvious.


So I buy Scalpacin to tame the annoying itch 3 times a month but it does little else for the flaking.

I'm painting such a hideous portrait of myself, no?! That's just my scalp too.


So yesterday I drove an hour to see my dermatologist.

Marking his words, "the sun is psoriasis' best friend." so I have doctor's permission ORDERS to move to Hawaii, for my health!

After some scalp oil, a Rx, and in between treatments-Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo, I smell like the La Brea Tar Pits.

I liked it better when I was the doctor, *sigh.*

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  1. scargosun said...

    Boo! Don't think I am crazy but have you tried any homeopathic remedies? Might not smell as chemeically.

  2. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    WOOHOO for hopefully getting it under control. Stinks (no pun intended) that it is smelly. My shampoo has no odor and works so well. Maybe next time you should try it.

    Ugh...I know all about it too unfortunately. We are sooo lucky NOT

  3. Merrie said...

    OMG Jen. I'm going to email you.

  4. Letherton said...

    I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
    Take a minute an check my blog out
    I have lots of great giveaways going on.
    Thanks :)

  5. Krista said...

    Any excuse to move to Hawaii! I'm sure the beach water is really good for it, too! Hey - doctor's orders!

  6. Anonymous said...

    Geez, That sucks! Except for the Hawaii part, that would be cool. Do you think your insurance would cover the cost of moving?? LOL

  7. Rachel said...

    Yep -- definitely think ins. should pay for that move; obviously, medically related. :)

  8. Amy said...

    Me too! I diagnosed myself 12 years ago, but they kept telling me it was eczema. Finally this year they got it right, but it's awful. My insurance did mark down the $200 bottle of shampoo to $80, but a little to steep for me.
    If your insurance is not helping at all check out because they had a 75% off coupon in there at one time.
    When you find that magic cure, post it.
    Suffering with you...

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