What the Heck Does QAT Mean?

I'm obsessed with Words with Friends on the iPod Touch (iPhone for you super cool kids)!

I have 24 games going at once.

I have 3 games with each kid.

Two games with some friends (IRL).

A few games with some virtual friends.

My daughter likes to tease me about my virtual friends.

"Mom you really need more real friends."

I think you're just jealous.

Wait I take that back, I don't want her to have virtual friends I don't know anything about.


I'm into social media okay.

I LIKE playing scrabble with people, whether I've met them or not.

But, have you tried this game? Addicting.

I have a few people I've YET to beat, they make me a stronger player.

Then I have the games with the kids, where every word they make has 2 or 3 letters.

It's an easy slaughter.

Hee hee.

Even with my iTouch on standby, I hear the little chime going off early in the morning that signals my turn. It's like a little alarm clock.

I seriously didn't know how many "Q" words that are out there that you don't need an accompanying "U."

SUQ, really? Yep, look it up.

Thank goodness sometimes for all the two letter words outside "it" "so" and "be."

Then because it knows you hate math, the computer tallies up the score for you! Damn you Apple for being so genius.


I need a real job.

But, maybe I can be a professional Words with Friends player, I mean my best word, "QUID" (with triple letter and triple word bonuses) gave me ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN points.

No shit.

Okay, not only do I need a job, I'm a total nerd.

Inquire within.

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  1. Casey said...

    I, personally, am happy about your WWF addiction since it helps me fuel my own...even if you've beaten me to a bloody pulp more times than I care to admit.

    Plus, now I can say that I have a friend in Cali. It earns major cool points down here where the banjos play. ;)

  2. Liz said...

    I'm too poor to have an i-anything, but we can play Lexulous on Facebook. It's a scrabble-type game, same sort of thing as WWF. Wanna?

  3. Shana Putnam said...

    I love regular Scrabble. i do not own an ipod or an iphone or an mp3 player even. now i have a smartphone but we shut our cell service off to save money so that isn't going to work now...lol.

  4. Ranch Girl said...

    You can inform your daughter that you do have real friends - you just also happen to have virtual friends, too - you're one lucky lady!

  5. Spice said...

    LOVE Words With Friends! What is your id? Mine is Monet1271 :)

  6. Susan said...

    QAT is my go to scrabble q word when I don't have a u!

  7. Merrie said...

    Thank God for qat! I love playing with your whole family!

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