Too Much TV is Good for My Mental Health

Sometimes I wonder why I watch so much television.

Well, I think I actually know.

It's an escape.

I looked so forward to LOST and Glee last night.

LOST...well to actually get lost in the show. It's so awesome and so damn confusing at the same time. I don't think I'll ever get it, maybe with one episode left, I should stop trying.

Glee, because the music is always cool. The story lines are often far fetched, but sometimes so passionate and deep.

I watched Brothers and Sisters and cried like I normally do. That show of family, dysfunction, and life and death.

Those hours I spend in TV often tell me that I have little worries in the world. Things could be worse.

I could be stuck on an island being chased by black smoke.

TV makes me feel better.

Watching Modern Family, I often say, "I am a good mom!"

Some of the shows make me laugh until I cry. Have you seen "The Soup?" Laughing is healthy. Happy laughing is healthy.

See how healthy I am?

No more Xanax.

Um, that last non-sentence might be pushing it.

Alas, thank you boob tube for that extra self-confidence and dose of vitamin TV.

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  1. Kim said...

    I just watched Mondays episode of House and cried like a baby. It brings some things home and like you said also lets you know things could be worse. Watched Parenthood last night - love that show. It brings back memories of my youth while showing things I am going through right now with my kids. I love my TV shows!

  2. SparkleFarkel said...

    Yes! Yes to television! I'm glad we both know our medicine and when to take it. This Jack Handeyism pretty much sums it up for me: "WHEN I WAS A CHILD, there were times when we had to entertain ourselves. And usually the best way to do that was to turn on the TV."

  3. Patrice said...

    ha! True story! TV often makes me feel better about myself, too! Like, at least I don't do that... or have that problem. At least my family is not like that! ha Love this post!

  4. SparkleFarkel said...

    I nearly Gleed my pants, last night, watching Bryan Ryan and Will Schuester sing "Dream On"!

  5. scargosun said...

    I wish I could DVR The Soup without ending up with a bazillion of them. The On Demand is only snippits. It is by far my favorite show.

  6. Merrie said...

    I enjoy television, too, and I like that I'm not the only one! I like seeing what will happen on certain shows that I've gotten all wrapped up in. I don't mind that I get misty eyed whether it's all in the writing or real life. (The Biggest Loser gets me every week!) I love that my kids and I laugh together at some of the same shows. (The Middle!) I'm not alone when I watch tv -- I'm either sharing a moment with someone, or just sharing a moment with me.

  7. Casey said...

    I totally agree. And it's good for your kids because they see what a wonderful parent you are compared to all those dysfunctional TV families.

    Or one of those soul patch things like Hannah Montana's dad has. EEK!

  8. Anonymous said...

    Yay!! Now I can watch hours of TV and not feel guilty!

  9. Mrs4444 said...

    Watching Modern Family as we speak! :)

    Sorry if I missed something. Are you still doing TWT?

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