Daaaaance the Night Away!

It's here.

Dance Recital, 2010.

DQ's week to shine, with an added bonus of little sister's debut.

5 costume changes.  A few quick-changes with only minutes to organize and my oldest daughter is a star.

Ballet. Jazz (competition), Lyrical, tap production, jazz, with competition tap tonight.

I'm so impressed always by her devotion to dance.  She arranges all her costumes daily to ready herself for the event.  She changes with attention to detail, applying just enough makeup, straightens her tights, lines up the seams.  Dances her heart out each and every time.

She is beyond needing mom backstage to help her.

Independent.  Beautiful.  In control.

Light on her feet.

K still needs mom.

At their first performance last night, I was line-mom for the eight 3 and 4 year olds.  Brought back memories from teaching Kindergarten except with ruffles and curls to tend to.
The girls did beautifully dancing to "It's My Party" and they were all smiles and singing.

Each girl with a mind of their own.

K says, "I'm SOOOO eeeksited! Mommy will you buy me flowers when I'm all done?"

Backstage waiting to dance then waiting for final bows, we kept the littles entertained with bubbles, coloring books, snacks, books, and cuddles into the dark night. (backstage was actually outside behind the theater)

Tonight is the final night, I get to sit in the audience and watch my girls shine.

DQ will receive a 5-year award with the studio and I am a proud dance mama.

Giving flowers to my favorite girls.


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  1. The Bertone's said...

    Gorgeous! My daughter just had her first dance recital, and she made me so proud! Wonderful! I hope you enjoy the show!

  2. Quirky Jessi said...

    Wow, sounds like she's really got it all going on! I love hearing that she's devoted to it herself and you're not having to nag her to pick out her outfits or not to forget her makeup, etc.

  3. Michelle said...

    What beautiful girls! I am glad the recital went well.

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