Just hanging at the hotel where my hub is attending a work-related conference. 

We've swam, and swam, and swam.

We've eaten, and eaten, and eaten.

We've watched TV, used the free wi-fi.

Called maintenance (clogged pipes), housekeeping (not enough TP), switched rooms (ants!), and endured an old shabby hotel amid renovations.

I'm done.

It's been years since i've toodled around these parts, when I was in college.  We're close to a ton of stuff but far enough I need a map and directions and don't feel like getting lost.

Our only great meal, last night at Cattlemen's for our anniversary dinner.

The hotel does not have a microwave in the rooms, nor a fridge.  Every meal is out to eat and BLEH, i'm ready for home cooked!

My arteries hurt.

Home again tomorrow.

I'm stopping at Safeway, picking up some french bread, pasta, sauce, salad fixin's, and fresh corn.

I'm homesick.

Plus I think the UPS and FedEx guys miss me.

Our cat too.

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  1. Linda S said...

    It's hard to be away! Sounds like you've had an adventure!

  2. Michelle said...

    I always feel that way at the end of trips, even exciting ones. There is no place like home!

  3. Mrs4444 said...

    Mr.4444 travels a lot for work and is bored with eating out, too. I like it, though, because it means I usually get to pick the restaurant when we go out :)

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