A Thousand Words Thursday

Wait for it, wait for it!

One of the very coolest things at the Monterey Bay Aquarium aside from the amazing animals is the sitting under the canopy of a wave. Every few seconds or so you get a wave crashing over you and the feeling is just so cool. This is close to "eating it" while surfing I'll ever get, and I'm okay with that!!

Cheaper Than Therapy
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  1. Merrie said...

    I love that room! :)

  2. Quirky Jessi said...

    I've never seen something like that before. So cool!

  3. Leslie said...

    We love that spot too at the aquarium!

  4. Mrs4444 said...

    Holy cow! That's awesome!!

  5. Maria's Space said...

    How fun. This looks like a blast.

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