For what you might ask.

School, of course.

Only 15 days left until the precious first day of school.

Ahhh, let me take that in for a moment.


Moment's up, someone is screaming in the other room.

I'm pretending I'm asleep.

But, that never works, at 7am and especially 2:45pm...*sigh*

Two thirds of the children will be gone, so two thirds of the noise is going with them to seventh and fourth grade.

Let's face it, I don't want them growing up.  It's hard enough cycling with the tween (oh yes). I want them to be non-tantruming little kids forever.  But, alas another thing I'm not in control of.

Who knew I was a control freak?  Don't answer that.

So it's school shopping time and DQ is an XS in the women's department.  Oh how I long for those days to be a size XS and a my mom used to tell me, "enjoy it now because after kids...."  She was right.  She's always right.

My Boy on the other hand tells me he just needs a new sweatshirt and we can call it good. 

Sounds like his dad, who seriously has shirts from our college days in the closet.  We graduated 15 years ago. 

He is loyal through and through, though I did make him get rid of some god-awful racing shirts from H.S. 

Honey, the tour de France look never works unless you are ACTUALLY on a France...on a bike.

He gave me the pouty lip and now some 13 year old who shops at Goodwill has a sparkly new tight shirt in florescent yellow and green.  You're welcome.

Anyway, Wednesday August 18th you'll find me first in line at both schools with the kids at the dropoff loop giving them a gentle nudge out of the car.

I'll grab a coffee and come home pop in a movie and start the countdown until K's first day at preschool.  She gets 3 days this year.  Equalling 9 mommy-hours a week.  A 25% improvement from last year baby! 

But just to bring me down to earth and balance out my utter joy on the way home from dropoff, I'll switch on my iPod and "You're Gonna Miss This" will start.

I'll shed a tear, feel my mommy guilt and then curse, damn you Trace Atkins!

I gotta delete that song!

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  1. Carol said...

    And then they grow up. Too fast.

  2. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    Yup, definitely a bit of a mixture of anticipation and sadness ...

  3. Sherri said...

    Oh, I hear you on the tween/7th grade girl. Mine just started moving into the junior-size territory and ugh is all I can say.

    Aeropostale actually has a size 00! There should be a law against that small of a size, at least for moms.

  4. Gem said...

    My son went back to school on Monday. It's great when school starts again, but we sure do miss him when he's at school =)

  5. Nikki, from Sittin' Pretty said...

    My six yr old goes back next Wed.. Starts first grade. I'll still have my 3 yr old. Definately easier to let him go this year than it was last yr for Kindergarten.

    You're right. Damn that Trace Adkins. I refuse to listen to the song. I turn the channel every time.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Im excited that all 4 of my boys will be in school this year! The youngest will only be in preschool twice a week. But still. I'll get 4 hours of me time! whoo hoo!

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