The Cowboy Boots Saga.

I may never hear the end of it.

The cowboy boots saga.

It all started with a garage sale planned and executed by DQ and held at grandma's house last weekend.

My husband likes to call it Laundry Day because often we drive by homes having garage sales, but it clearly looks like they just didn't want wash clothes so they throw them aimlessly onto the driveway in hopes someone will give them money for them, clean or not.

I have to say, yes we did have clothes (gently worn by DQ and clean) but many other outdoor toys, books, DVDs, games, home decor,shoes, makeup and more.

Most often we take bags of stuff like this to GoodWill and call it good.  Someone will benefit in the long run.

This time DQ was desperate to purchase electronics and wanted cold hard cash for her goods.

To her delight grandma and grandpa donated their sales to the cause...minus $10 that I gave to grandpa.

See there were a pair of cowboy boots he brought out to sell.  He goes on to say he spent $125 on them and wore them only once due to be uncomfortable.

AND that he is not a cowboy, nor does he work where cowboy boots are needed or warranted.

We are not cow-people.

So anyway, grandpa heads to the store to bring us all donuts, and per usual comes back 3 hours later.

"Oh did my boots sell?"
Me: Yes!
"How much did you sell them for?"
Me:  Two bucks.
(near passing out) "WHAT?! Do you know I spent $125 for those?  ARE YOU KIDDING, I could have kept them for that....(grumble, curse, stomp)"
Me:  You never gave me a price and you were gone forever.
"You owe me at least $20 for them."
Me: Yeah right.

You see, people in our town and probably everywhere do not care how much a product was paid for new, they want bargains.  They will bargain you down until you crack.  It's all about power and saving money and I think I still have 25 pennies in my pocket because I didn't give up a book for free, serves me right I guess.

Often my motto is, if someone asks you a price about anything, make sure they leave with it, make a deal or it will end up being put right back into the house when it doesn't sell.

A few hundred dollars later my daughter is happy, we all survived and we settled up with grandpa for 10 bucks.

Seriously, cowboy boots dad?

Just be careful what you bring over when we have sale #2 in a few weeks.

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  1. Carol said...

    We can be funny sometimes, huh? They aren't comfortable, I won't wear them, they've been in my closet for xxx years. However. So you sold them for $2, that $2 more than they were earning in the closet. Value is relative.

  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Yep, if they don't leave with it..then you are stuck with it and have to still make that trip. So, he has $2 more than he had before, right?

  3. E said...

    Ha ha! We had a garage sale to raise money for our relay for life team and our motto was we wanted everything gone. So if someone made us an offer, we took it!

    P.S. The saying "jew them down" is very offensive. It perpetuates the stereotype that all Jews are cheap and only interested in money.

  4. MemyselfandMommy said...

    Oh it hurts!!!

    "Laundry Day!"

    I can't stop laughing

  5. Michelle said...

    Hubby had a pair of cowboy boots his dad gave to him that never, ever got worn. I got sick of looking at them and sold them at one of our garage sales and I never heard the end of it.

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