No, that's not my Butt.

K still enjoys a bath.

Nothing more fun to a kid then a tub filled with water and a ton of random toys.

I'm not a bath fan...stewing in dirty water, not my thing.

Not really healthy for girls in general, but anyway.

So I was thrilled when K started wanting to take showers. 

Most have been alone, some with me.

Those with me are always a buzz kill.

"Mom, why is your tummy so floppy?" 

Hush and wash your hair!

"What are those? (pointing to my stretch marks)"

Your fault, wash your pits.

"I can see your boobs!"

HUBBY!!!  Come get YOUR DAUGHTER out of here now!!!!!!!

"(Giggling) I can see your butt!"

That's not a butt, and you can shower alone from now on!

Nothing like getting your parts laughed at to start the day.

And why is it that when you go to rinse shampoo off of said child's hair they open their mouth and eyes and put their head down so it all flows into their face and then begins the screaming.


I told you to look up at the ceiling.

"I can't dare is soap in my eyes and my mouff!"

Tomorrow you are getting a bath!

Did I say I was thrilled?

I lied.

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  1. Pam said...

    my ex's youngest, who is 3, has been taking showers for awhile now. i guess at 2 it's ok?? heck, i can't remember that far back anymore if i went through this w any of my girls. let me tell you though, when they get older, they're not above telling you if something is saggy, wrinkly, full of stretch marks, etc. lol i should know, my girls still do that. :o/

  2. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    oh my gosh, that made me laugh!!!!

  3. Ann Harrison said...

    I miss those "What's that?" questions.

    Although having your body parts mocked by a little one is NOT the nicest way to start the day ;->

  4. Michelle said...

    Too funny! It is nice when all the kids can shower alone although sometimes I have to even remind my big kids about how to shower well, ie. actually wash their hair and body thoroughly.

  5. Kimber said...

    Too funny, and so not funny. :)

  6. Joanna said...

    I think there's some kind of magnet in the floor of a shower or tub that draws a kid's head down when it's time to rinse. Seriously.

  7. Mrs4444 said...

    Been there, done that. I remember when Kendall patted her tummy and innocently said, "My tummy looks just like your tummy--Only yours looks like you're going to have a baby, but really you're not." Charming.

  8. Kristin said...

    Last year my three yr old son saw my cleavage and called it my "neck-butt!"

  9. Tasha said...

    Ditto that, girl! Just last week, Ava goes (when I was changing in front of her) "Mom I like your big boobies..."

    And since I love my boobies, too, my simple answer was "Why thank you, my darling!"


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