One of THOSE Days.

Last night I was thumbing through our alumini university magazine and got depressed.

Towards the back you have an update on what all the former students are doing now. 

About a third of them were all having babies, that's fine, I've done that, not too envious of that.

Another third are getting married, just found a job, or bought a home, been there done that.

But it's that last group that just hit a nerve...

"Joe Schmoe ('95) just received his Ph.D in molecular razzamatazz and is being published in every important spot possible"  "Jeff Schmoe ('96) was just honored for discovering a cure for goober's disease..."

You know the BIG stuff.

It's not that I'm jealous that they've done those things, more power to them, awesome, kudos, great work!

I could have gotten a Ph.D in something if I really wanted to.

um yeah I could have!

I just get kinda cranky that my little blurb would say this:  "The Mom Jen ('95) went on to get her teaching credential and worked for TWO WHOLE YEARS before giving up her income and sacrificing her sanity for the next 12, all to have people look down at her and not appreciate the HARD WORK that goes into raising children into respectful, capable, smart, determined adults. Just because she's not currently enrolled in night courses online and trying make something more of herself, people stopped reading this blurb about 45 words ago. Whoopdifrickendoo! Joe Schmoe is so much cooler!"

--PS her parents are probably pissed she wasted all that money on college.

I could have gone to college for another 8 years, not have gotten married or had kids and focused on my studies, research, fancy schmancy stuff just to have my name in the alumni magazine.

But I didn't.

I'm not regretting a THING I've done since college.

I'm just entitled to one of those days when you feel like you're invisible, not important, not significant, not successful enough, not appreciated, not looked up to (unless you're shorter than 5'1").

Today's my day.

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  1. kristi said...

    So sorry. I just finished my associates in business, was laid off in April and am having a helluva time finding a job. Sigh. I know how you feel.

  2. Leanna said...

    LOL...Jen, you crack me up!! Sorry...not good that you are having one of those days! :(

    I did not stop reading the blurb! You ARE important in what you do! =)It is one of the hardest jobs that you DON'T get a paycheck for AND there is no manual to teach you the right way to do it! Or if there is...I didn't get mine!

  3. Susan said...

    So sorry.... I had a whole month like that last year. Yes, a whole month. *sigh*

  4. Anonymous said...

    We all have these days! Just remember that your contribution to society - three wonderful, well adjusted children who will become productive adult members of society - is so much more important than all of that blah blah blah in the back of the alumni mag.

  5. scargosun said...

    Aww! Even those of us without kids feel that way too. Joe Schmo might even feel that way about not being married or not having kids. I am going to tell you what I told a bloggy friend earlier today. You are awesome! Enjoy being yourself!

  6. The Mom Jen said...

    I really didn't want to be all "stroke my ego" but know that i'm not alone. Love you guys, thanks for commenting!

  7. Michelle said...

    This was me last quarter when I got my alumni magazine and saw a girl I went to high school with and played soccer with worked some fancy jobs in DC and now is a top advisor to Condolezza Rice.

    Having a bachelor's degree in political science and living so close to DC makes me envious of people involved with politics with exciting careers. It especially hit home when it was someone I knew. You have this moment where you are like, "wow, that could've been me" but then I get back to reality and realize working full-time in DC politics and having 3 kids does not go hand and hand and I am not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to have a career like that.

    I love being a mom. That is my main focus in life right now. I am so happy I can be a mom first and a nanny second. My kids are only young once and I don't get any second chances. It doesn't mean we can't have moments of jealousy.

    Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking!

  8. Carol said...

    Tell me - do you think a lot of those uber-successful women would give anything to be married and have a family and have the time to spend with them? How may of those uber-successful men either now or will regret not having more time with their families, or wish they had families to spend time with. Ahhh - that grass always looks so much greener on the other side of the fence.
    Oh yah - I was going to set the world on fire when I was much younger, but I ran out of flint.

  9. Liz said...

    HUGS! We all have those days.

  10. ninja said...

    How about having a blurb like this:
    The Mom Jen ('95) is a successful blogger, with over 666 followers who gives a witty & entertaining insight to the hard work family life really is.

  11. Ann Harrison said...

    I just had to share this with the Twitter-verse (hope you don't mind ;-> )

    I raise my glass to you!

  12. Sarah said...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - I'm right there with you sister.

  13. MollyinMinn said...

    Oh yes, I just had one of those moments the other day. There was a woman who had a chorus part in one of the high school musicals I had a lead in. And now she is starting as a physician where I work while I am a mid-level marketing minion. Yup, pretty sure she now has the lead.

  14. Merrie said...

    Just remember there are plenty of us worker bees who wished we were stay at home moms. You have the job I've always wanted and loved having the two years I got it. You have huge value, even if it doesn't always feel like it. And who knows what the future holds for either of us! Maybe I'll be home again and you'll be out there teaching something! Anything can happen!

  15. Pam said...

    hey, if it makes you feel better, i've been going to school off/on for almost 30 years and STILL don't have a college degree. not even an associates. at least you have a degree, and i envy that.

  16. Casey said...

    Since I'm only 5 ft tall, I look up to you!

    And I think you're pretty awesome!

    You also forgot to mention that you're a WWF Warrior!

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