Duh, why didn't I think of this before.

Instead of loafing about playing on my iPod during soccer practice, why not get off my ass and walk?

Not that speed-walking though.

I don't want to look crazy pumping my arms, and I always get like off-rhythm and look like Phoebe running in Friends.

Just walking at a brisk pace to get my heart rate up.

Burn a few Halloween Oreos.

(is my poop going to turn orange? that dye is dark!)

 So I tried it one day at K's practice and I got a bit huffy puffy.

You know because my body is all, "what are you doing, shouldn't you be in bed playing Words with Friends eating Oreos at noon?"

And I was all, yes, but my muffin top is out of control and my pants hurt when I wear them.

So alas, I walked, a few laps around the field.

Last night we walked after eating Chinese food so I could drink wine without guilt while watching 30 Rock.

Today, another practice and 5 laps.  Barefoot.

My shins are crying, but I felt good afterwards.

Minus the inner thigh chafing.

Note to self, wear longer shorts or you'll have to constantly dig them out of your wedge-ical area.

It's not very lady-like.

I know i'm late to the party when it comes to staying fit, but this is a huge baby step for me.

I've joined and quit the gym like 3 times.

And, I'm officially banned from buying Ab-rollers from informercials at 2am.

This is decent, I can do it, and I'm getting less huffy-puffy at it.

Stay at home moms don't get much in the way of pats on the back, so this is my own self-patting.

And after 12+ years at home, I need all the patting I can get.

So to recap:  When your kids are in activities, burn calories so you can eat empty ones with wine and watch TV afterwards without guilt.

See and you thought you had to pay $60/month for a gym membership. You're welcome I just saved you money.

The End.

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  1. Casey said...

    So it's as if the Halloween Oreos never even existed! Brilliant!

    I knew I liked you for a reason!

  2. KT said...

    I used to keep a 5 pound hand weight in my car and do little curls at red lights. :) It counts!

  3. Carol said...

    And when your body learns to love it, practice will go much faster!

  4. mama's smitten said...

    Ha! I saw u walkining yesterday right? I would of said hi but I was sitting in the shade across the field! :)

  5. Liz said...

    Heck, that's one of the reasons we got a dog in July. If I walk her every night, I don't feel so bad about not exercising in any other way, ever. LOL!

  6. Liz said...

    Ohhhh, I like KT's idea above! I need to put one of my weights in my car!

  7. The Mom Jen said...

    Lisa! How embarassing I was de-wedging near you! Sorry!! Man it was hot, hope you had an early game today, we had a 10:30am then headed to the beAch!

  8. WeaselMomma said...

    Good luck to you with this! I hope it works out well for you, but now I just feel even guiltier about sitting here eating oreos and watching TV.

  9. Keyona said...

    I keep telling myself to run the track at my daughters soccer practice. I have yet to do it. I feel no guilt!

  10. Anonymous said...

    My neighbor across the street and I have started walking together two nights a week (I walk on my own on other days). It's fun and it keeps us least, until it starts snowing...

  11. beth said...

    With all the kids grown up or in college, I walk my dog early every morning.....and it's the best part of my day. Which really is saying something, don't you think?!

  12. Merrie said...

    Love this! And good for you to get moving. But I hear you on WWF and oreos. (Though I had to ban oreos from my house again -- too much temptation.)

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