Keeping Busy

Just coming off a 4 day girl's getaway, we're on the road again.

Going to the Happiest Place on Earth.

No, not Chuck E. Cheese.

No, not Target on the day after Christmas.


It's something to get my mind off missing my best girlfriends.

Having spent a long weekend with my sistas that have since moved about the country, originally from my home town, it's usually hard to say goodbye.

Especially when the Y& T concert and NetiPot were a few of our highlights of the weekend.

((Inside Joke))

You'd be surprised how crazy 5 moms can get.

It had been a long 18 months since we'd last seen eachother, normally it's only 12, but with 13 children between us, life gets in the way.

Good thing we'll be back together this fall, I can't see enough of these ladies, who I always wish lived next door.

Not like that pit bull who really does live next door.

Dogs scare me.


Disney. Happiest Place.

K is going to FLIP OUT when she realizes that Rapunzel graces the theme park now, the newest princess has a meet and greet event and personally I'm excited too.

I know if there's a karaoke machine nearby, I will be belting out "Mother Knows Best" because god only knows that I know all the words to every song on the Tangled soundtrack.

That we listen to about 52 times a day in the car.

Every day of the week.

So Disney tomorrow.

California Adventure tomorrow.

2 parks, one day.

Universal Studios Thursday.


With constant activity.

I think I'll be sleeping Friday through April to recover.

3 supporters in group:

  1. Jodi Shaw said...

    Sounds like lots of fun though, despite how busy you are. I'd love to take my kids there. Maybe one day blogging can do that for me. Until then, soak up the sun, enjoy the tour and keep us all posted with your travels. :) Be safe and have fun!

  2. Anonymous said...

    So glad I found you again! I've been out of the loop! AND I moved my blog...come back and follow me! Have a great day! :)

  3. Raven said...

    Have fun at Disneyland! I'm sorry you're missing your gf's. I don't know what I would do if my bestest friend moved away.

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