The Many Aromas of Hawaii

I don't have too much time to write.

I have to exercise.

I have to get bathing suit ready.

We are heading to Hawaii.

The island of Aloha.


Where you can walk around with no bra and a sarong and call it dressy.

I can smell the hibiscus, the plumeria, the mai tais.

Once before we landed in Kauai, the garden isle.

This time for our 15 year anniversary we will visit the big island.

Volcano island I call it.

Hot molten lava bubbling before your eyes, can you imagine?!

I now smell sulfur dioxide.

*inhale, exhale.*

Black sand beaches.
How 'bout them apples?

And, I thought earthquakes were the wildest thing I've experienced.

Wait, Hawaii has both!

All I know is that my husband and I are already booked for the Volcano Bike Ride and Wine Tasting.

Because those things go well together.

I think the wine is in those backpack hydration kits.

Did I mention we're going alone?

Sans kiddoes?

Sans is a fancy word for without.

With. Out.

For a week.

Kona is where we're headed. The birthplace coffee, probably. I'm not a history buff.

But, mmmm...the smell of coffee. In Paradise.

There's a snorkling cruise and BBQ I've already booked too.

Again, because having a grilled burger is what I always crave after seeing Nemo.

Paradise I tell you.


3 supporters in group:

  1. Casey said...

    Do you know how jealous this makes me?! I need a husband STAT...

  2. Bethany said...

    Have a FANTASTIC time! I'm jealous! :) Enjoy the sun for me :)

  3. Rose-Marie said...

    that sounds so nice, experiencing it with all your senses. I'd love to go to Hawaii, not to tourist attractions, but to smell those fragrances, and things like that!

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