Momma's Gotta Brand New Toy

New toys are fun.

Not like Pokemon and LalaLoopsy.

Those are weird and have funny names.

And, what does that LalaLoopsy doll do, just flops around.

I don't get it.


Toys for moms.

And gutter minds can save it, because I'm talking Apple products.

No, not the fruit.

Follow me here people!

Apple, as in iPad, iPod, iPhone.

My job requires this, I'm sure of it...
Plus, this is satisfying my need for a new kitty, puppy, or baby.

I'm good, I'm set.

I'm logged in, logged on, online.

It's so awesome, how did I live without it for so long?

Need new app ideas.

Changed my password protect, the kids figured out my last one.

They are SO SMART.

I see their drool when they look at my toy.

But it's hands-off, seriously.

I WILL teach it to bite.

It's a smart phone, it can learn anything.

I feel smarter just owning it.

She needs a name.

A "smart" one.


I'm addicted already.

I can check-in anywhere.

The hall bathroom,  the liquor store around the corner,  the freezer section at Safeway.

Okay, I'm not sure about that last one, but I bet I could try.

I'm in love.


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  1. Heather B. said...

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! So excited for you! Isn't it the bestest???? Mine is only a 3gs but I am SO in love with it too!!! It seriously changed my life!!! LOL!!! And cured my need for a baby!!!

  2. Heather B. said...

    OH and make sure you get a REALLY good case for it because if you don't and drop it, it will shatter and that can't be fixed! I know a few people who learned that the hard way!!!

  3. Unknown said...

    I just got my iPhone 4 a little less than a month ago, and I'm in love as well! I think I even uttered the same " how did I live without one of these for so long?!" Enjoy the new toy!!!

  4. Molly said...

    1. Purchace thyself an otterbox
    2. instagram
    3. words with friends
    4. walgreens online (scan your drugs for a refill)

    and all this I have learned since 2/11 when I got mine ;)

  5. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Yes, a case...definitely a case.

    Then, I have no ideas. I don't have an iphone. I have iphone envy. Verizon didn't have it when I got my droid. Which I'm okay with..but I have to wait a full year for a new one!

  6. Noob Mommy said...

    I'm still on my iPhone 3G and it is slllloooowwww. But your new toy looks pretty fab! Welcome to the iphone club! BTW, Pioneer Woman just recommended the Instagram app today. LOVE IT!!

  7. beth said...

    I am ready to make the big changeover myself. Good for you!

  8. Liz said...

    Can't help ya. I still have a ghetto phone that only calls & texts. No internet access, no touch screen...nada.

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