The Week in Review.

It's been one of those odd weeks.

Where things happened out of the ordinary.

All good things, happily.

Like my new friends that I visited twice in Chicago on my press trips were in California on a business trip.

After their love and hospitality for me, my family (brother's family and my parents included) hosted them for the weekend.

Poker, Mexican food, meeting my hubby and kids for the first time.

Then a yummy breakfast together before they went off to wine taste.

We also hosted a birthday party at our house over the weekend, although it wasn't for any of the five of us.

It was for my nephew who will be moving here from Arizona in June.

It was a "getting to know your local cousins/happy fourth birthday party."

Relatives that don't always join us on our immediate gatherings were here, the kids all got along great.

Love it.

Then there's the chance I may step into the 21st century and get my first smart phone.

I know, I'm all growed up.

And by growed up I mean, we got some money all-a-shuffle.

Some doors close, others open.

And, by close I mean DQ slamming the door shut on ballet class and pre-pointe.

7 dance classes between the girls has now become 5.

It was a tough decision, but to be honest, she is happier for it.

Not because she won't be on the competition team anymore, but she feels happier.

Long story, maybe another day.

Then there's that realization that we have no more free weekends until August.

Good ol' baseball.

Good thing I love it.

And the girls... love the snack bar.

Here's to another great week.

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Yay for a great week with lots of new..and finding money that results in happiness for both parties.

  2. Gladys Parker said...

    You sure have a busy life! Your children sound well rounded so it is a good thing (unless there is more I don't know.) I like those kind of weeks all happy lil surprises or event changes and money, hey can't beat extra money!
    Gladys P

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