When 3 Strikes is Completely Awesome.

My son had a bowling party for his birthday.

14 kids, hot dogs, bowling, and arcade.

It's a 10 year old's paradise.

Did I mention fruit punch, orange soda, and ice cream cake?


Something got in that boy's veins because look what he did!  (top score)

Not only did his second frame boast a spare where his friends were hooting and hollering...

But, then he bowled a STRIKE.

The good kind in this sport!

Then, who knows how?  ANOTHER!

Seriously, I know the kids have bumpers, but a ricochet off the side of those metal bouncers most often will not produce a strike.

Plus, he's completely distracted by all the other bowlers, playing DS, and high on life that he isn't really concentrating on making this happen.

His next turn...a THIRD STRIKE.

Nope, he's not out baby this ain't no Tigers baseball game.

A flippin' TURKEY.

Who is this kid, and why isn't he in the PBA, I could he could be making millions.

He ends up bowling a 126 to my piddly 98.


He's his own party trick.

Happy 10th buddy, hope it rocked.

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  1. Heather B. said...

    I am so impressed with his bowling skills!!! Took me 4 semesters of bowling in college to master the turkey!!! Glad he had a great birthday!!!

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