Dreams and Reality.

I had a horrible dream last night and it's clear why.

As we were settling in for the evening I saw "earthquake" and Japan in my Twitter feed.

My emergency alert antennae were activated and I immediately turned CNN on and was floored.

Not only was the earthquake reported at EIGHT POINT NINE off the coast of Honshu, but I was watching near live footage of a tsunami flooding the island like some horror movie.

I was literally watching lives being lost and the destruction made me nauseous but I was so captivated I couldn't turn away either.

I watched Twitter and CNN and Facebook and the NYTimes website all night, I couldn't sleep. 

Then when I did, I was a top a hotel in San Diego.

The kids were swimming in the ocean and I was watching them from the roof. 

Then the earth shook, the hotel shook.

In circles.

Like when you swirl wine in a glass.

The ocean turned into a tsunami and I watched the kids taken inland with the rush of water.

The hotel I was on collapsed and I am sure I was going to die.

I didn't. 

I landed inside the hotel restaurant where I saw my brother playing poker.

I was frantic searching and looking and crying and shrieking for my kids.

I don't remember seeing my husband there, but I heard his voice.

I found a pool where there were people who were rescued, but my children were not there.

I felt empty and alone.

Then I woke to K giggling and my son singing, "one more day to my birthday, one more day to my birthday!"

Then I heard the SLAM of the bathroom door as my oldest does best.

Everyone was okay. 

My husband snoring softly beside me.

It was 6am.

I remember the dream so vividly and was so depressed.

Yet so incredibly happy it was only that.  A dream.

The Japan quake and tsunami not a dream.

News back on, Twitter feed rolling. 

Warnings for Hawaii and the West Coast.

We are safe. 

Though so many are not.

Bad dreams suck, but real life sometimes sucks more.

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  1. Molly said...

    I woke up this morning shocked at the destruction and then I got a little pissed when all the networks went on with their stupid morning programing.

    Let's Make a Deal on one channel and waters washing away life on another...

    life goes on, but does it always have to be such in glaring contrast?

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    YES! At one point ours went on with Charlie Sheen crap...that is NOT news!

  3. Raven said...

    What a horrible dream. My heart goes out to all those in Japan. I cannot fathom enduring that kind of fear and suffering. I just cannot wrap my head around it.

  4. Merrie said...

    Your dream really got to me -- chills up and down my arms! So glad we're okay, but like we talked about, we should be prepared.

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