I Think I Need to See a Vet for This.

Okay, I've had baby blues lately.

You may remember.

Now I have them again.

For this:


Isn't it??

DQ's friend just got a puppy that looks just like this.

I dropped her off at the house and told her, "nah, I don't need to go in to see the new dog."

I hate dogs.


But, then the mom beckoned me in.

And,  I saw this little guy.

It wasn't love at first sight, but the little guy grew on me.

Then I picked him up and cuddled.

He didn't pee on me.

Then, I loved him.

I stayed and stared at him and everyone was talking around me, but they just sounded like that teacher from the Peanuts cartoon.

I couldn't think.

I couldn't hear.

I couldn't make a coherent sentence.

But, I know when I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about him either.


He looked like a little bear cub.

He peed on his little pee pad.

He nibbled on his chew toy.

He crunched his lunch with those little puppy teeth.

When he whined it sound like, "Awwww..." like he was saying, Aw man don't put me down, I promise I won't pee on you!

It was fricken adorable.

Again, nope, not interested in babies of the human variety.

Been there, closed that shop up for businees.

But, these teeny tiny little furry creatures are YANKING at my heartstrings.

Do you take cold showers for this kind of thing?

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  1. Liz said...

    What kind of dog is he?

  2. Bren said...

    What kind of dog is that? It is SOOOOOO CUTE! Like a little stuffed teddy bear!

  3. The Mom Jen said...


  4. Carol said...

    Nope, no cold shower. Just give in and get one and love it and cuddle it and sometimes cuss it and take lots of pictures of it and write posts about it.

  5. Mandi said...

    I'm always a bit iffy about animals - most of them I don't care for. But there are a select few that have stolen my heart. I have a feeling this puppy would be one of them if I met him haha.
    Um, how big will he get?!

  6. Hillary Glaser said...

    ... and that is how I ended up with 2 dogs. My husband made the mistake of showing me a local pet shelter's website and I found a 2 month old pup. I promptly said "we're getting her. End.Of.Story." but I lost.

    Cold showers won't help, the bug bit you. lol...

  7. tiff said...


    for reals.

    fashion in the forest

  8. Molly said...

    What a beautiful baby...so sweet! Molly Bussler

  9. VickieC said...

    that is the cutest little puppy ive ever seen,yes I have the puppy blues too,but I want a yorkie

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