I Want a Baby!!



So I write this letter to my dear sweet husband.

Dear Hubby,

Isn't this the cutest??

Since Maggie died, I have thought about her so much and so has K.

K asked you the other day where they put the shot in Maggie (when they put her down). 

You answered, "her arm."

I had to giggle just a tad, cats don't have arms.

But a kitty would be such a good addition to our household.

Look this one sucks it's thumb like K.

Okay, I know, cats don't have thumbs, but follow me here.

One would make such a fun companion.

When the kids go to sleep at night it can cuddle up with us on the couch.

When we get done with our wine, we can train the kitty to do this...
No?  Too far?

Okay, but look how sweet they are when they sleep.
Oh and they are so much easier than having another child.

No stretch marks, we can leave them home alone, and we don't have to pay for their college.

Come on, pleeeeeeaaaaassssse!

I promise I won't turn into those weird cat-lady-hoarders.

And, I won't put clothes on it, or carry it in my purse.

Love your wife.

P.S.  Did I mention how great you look today?  Are you working out?

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  1. Merrie said...

    How can he resist, now? ;)

  2. Rachel said...

    Those pics even make ME want a cat.

    Dear, Jen's Hubby: Get her a cat.
    Love, Rachel

  3. Shannon said...


    My youngest wants a kitten, too. I wouldn't mind having one (hubby's not so sure about it) but there is just no place in this house for a litter box!

  4. martha mayhem said...

    OK.... can I just say I got a puppy a few years back thinking a puppy instead of a kid and few months later...... GUESS WHAT....... LOL!! However, I am sure you would never make the same mistake as us!!

  5. Carol said...

    Oh yes, kittens are soooo cute. And so cuddly. Occasionally. We have one and I love love love it when she snuggles with me. But then, she wakes up. She hauls my skein of yarn around the house. She comes running whenever we turn water on - we learned she can walk on water the day she jumped up on the edge of the tub, slipped and fell in. Hub survived without a scratch because she can walk on water. And they grow up, you know. But then they usually mellow when they grow up so it has its advantages.

  6. Annette Kerr said...

    LOL I love this post! (I also love cats!)

    My hubby FINALLY relented and agreed to us adopting a cat in November last year, after SIXTEEN years of gentle persuasion!! :O We are now owned by a beautiful 3y/o tortie called Heidi! :)

    I also played the "Baby" card. I said to Hubby:

    "It's either a cat or a baby!" ;)

    I hope you win your hubby round!...


  7. Michelle said...

    I hope you get a kitten!

  8. Ann Harrison said...

    yes yes yes!

    Our next cat will be orange. (I don't know why but I want an orange cat :-> )

  9. Unknown said...

    I really love your style of writing..I can almost hear you. Love it!

  10. angie lilly said...

    As someone who 100% empathizes with both the loss and the want for new, I hope you get a new fur baby!

  11. VickieC said...

    this is a cute kitten but they grow up an arent as cute,,mine is a total physo,,,

  12. [Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

    Awww! So sweet and cute! I hope You already got a kitten :-)
    Thanks for sharing! I loved and enjoyed reading it!

    Fiona N

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