Please Don't Ask to See My I.D.

My driver's license is hideous.

I mean it's no Nick Nolte.
Give me some credit. 

My Hawaiian print is contained to a sarong and I look hot in it.

But, how fair is it to ask a nine month pregnant mother to pose for any photo?

I mean, I may have chubby-ish cheeks already, but baby bloat just happens to some people.

Don't mind the hair in a ponytail to make my face appear 10x wider.

And WHAT was I thinking when I wore a one piece catsuit with spaghetti straps at my size and weight.

You'd really think I was giving birth to Shamu, yet my son was only 6lbs 8 oz.

It looks like i'm wearing my bra OVER my shirt.


Of course now when I'm buying alcohol, cashiers give me that quizzical look.

I have glasses now.

My hair is mostly down.

I DON'T weigh 110 lbs anymore.  (I'm SO leaving that on there for like-ever!)

I'm not pregnant.

I have better taste in clothing than I did in 2001.

I think.


Are you ready.

I'm so dang embarassed.

Don't laugh.

Okay laugh.

I deserve it.

Even my brother in law saw it recently and said, "dude, what the hell?!" 

Scarring me, for pretty much...LIFE.

I'm so changing this photo.

Even if I have to camp at the DMV overnight to be first in line.

Double sigh.

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  1. Jennifer said...

    yeah.. the last time I had to renew my military ID, I was 9 months pregnant. That was August 2007 and they won't let me renew it until this August. It's been a long wait, but thank God it's almost over. Everytime I go through the checkpoint (which is several times a say) I get a weird look or a snicker or whatever.... bastards. It's always the men that laugh.

  2. Pam said...

    mine looks like crap, but i don't care lol i've gained some weight since it was how they just keep using it over & over even if you don't even resemble it anymore lol

  3. Michelle said...

    My photo looks ok on my ID but hubby's ID in Colorado looked like a prison mugshot. He looked horrible. He was heavier, had longer hair and more facial hair and looked super pissed in his picture. When I met him he weighed less, had no facial hair and a short haircut. People used to always question his ID picture. One time a guy even asked him for a 2nd ID. We both cracked up!

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