My Husband is 5 Years Old, Apparently


My husband is weird.

I love him and all, but often I do not follow his line of thinking.

The other day we were watching televsion.

Someone got all excited about something.

Hubby comments, "He's so excited I can see his sticks!"


My husband is known for saying strange things, but this worried me.

His sticks?

That sounds dirty.

What are you talking about babe?

"His sticks, you know like Kermit?"

Um frog references, those of the Muppet variety are completely lost on me.

"You know, the way they animate him, with the sticks?"

Have you been drinking?

"NO! It's noon.  But, remember on Seasame Street or the Muppet Show, Kermit would get all excited and then he'd get all flail-y and his sticks would show?!"

OH. Yeah!

You are weird sweetie, but I love that about you.

"Remember when Fozzy used to....."

Really?  More Muppet references?!

Please go talk to the kids about this.

"Aw." (pouts)

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  1. Colleen said...

    That IS funny! Though I do love me some Muppets!

  2. Jay @halftime lessons said...

    When I get excited you can see my ex-wife's lawyer's foot up my backside.

  3. Mandi said...

    I would actually like to see Kermit's sticks too :o

  4. lewalk said...

    Hahahaha, that's pretty darn funny. I've never heard that before. I told someone one time I have two children (hubby and daughter) and they took me seriously. But in reality I suppose it's true for the most part. Mine is a child with a job. They are something else, that's for sure.


  5. mindful mama said...

    I swear I could have written the title of this post... glad I'm not alone. I have 2 'real' children, ages 6 and almost 5... and a grownup five year old... ;) I dang near have triplets.

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