Adding Stalker to my Resume!

We've been on the road a ton this summer, and it's only just begun.

(ah Karen Carpenter....did you automatically think of "We've Only Just Begun?"  No, okay..moving on)

So last month we headed down to Coronado and stayed at the famous Del Coronado Hotel.

I know, posh.  Stars stay there and I can attest to it.

I stalked one at the pool one day and I'm oh so proud.

So you watch LOST right?  No?  Who are you?!

Anyway, Nestor Carbonell plays Richard Alpert, the one with the heavy eyeliner looking eyes, this babe...
 Yah, you can fall into those eyes and drown.

Anyway, I'm laying out at the pool and the kids are all, "mom watch me do this and that and look I'm swimming without floaties for the first time, MOM!"

And, I see this guy walk by and totally gasp, "WHAT, OH YEAH, GREAT KIDS!" super loud and really wanted to shout out, "LOST, GUY FROM LOST!"

So I'm squinting across the pool at this guy and his family and think that has to be Richard Alpert from LOST.

This hotel is famous, famous people can totally vacation here with commoners like us.  So I see a blond with him, his wife.  I google her on my iPhone.  Yep, she's blond.

I see two small boys head to the spa and I send my oldest over there to investigate.  "Let me know approximate ages of them!"  DQ gives me a look that was totally "mom, you've really lost it."

I google kids, yep two sons, ages 9 and 6.

DQ comes back and I immediately say, "are they 9 and 6?!  Can they be those ages, do they look like My Boy and K's ages?!"

Calm down mom, and yes.

Verified.  That is him!

I want to go up and casually ask him if it's really him.

Hubby says to walk by and cough "HaveyouseenJacobortheOtherslately" and I'm like, that is so nerdy.

But, I secretly want to.

Kids, wife in the pool, he's there on a chair reading for like an hour.

Suddenly mom and boys get out of the pool, pack up and head our direction.  I fumble for my phone and try to make it look like I'm taking pics of the kids in the water and angle the phone just right.

Holy mother of pearl, he turns and looks right at me as I snap the picture!  I sheepishly angle the camera toward the kids in the pool, who have upped and left for the hot tub and good mom that I am haven't noticed.

So apparently I'm taking a picture of water, and I'm totally busted.

Oh, but he is SO gorgeous, so much shorter than I thought he'd be, and he looked at me.

I'm sure, he gets stalkers paparazzi all the time, but dude crack a smile.

I write about this on Facebook and a friend says that her friend is also staying at the Del and confirmed he was there.

I secretly looked for him on the grounds and around town the rest of our trip, but didn't catch sight of him again.

And, thankfully the kids forgave me for not paying attention during my obsession and I thanked them for not drowning.

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  1. A Daily Dose of Grace said...

    Hilarious stalker report! And I agree with your husband - you so should have made some lame LOST joke at him. :)

  2. Susan said...

    Seriously, one of the most important things you can teach your kids is how to stalk celebrities!

  3. The Mom Jen said...

    Rebecca, I almost did!
    Susan, I am THE model parent.

  4. Andrea Kruse said...

    Lol. I would have totally phone stalked him as well... I remember him from Suddenly Susan. He is very dreamy.

  5. Erin E said...

    We love to visit the Del. How cool that you saw Richard from LOST there! We almost got married there, but decided on the La Valencia in La Jolla instead as it was a little more private.

  6. Charlotte said...

    I loved this!! You had me laughing so hard at what you wrote. I would have been the same way. I would have been too shy to go walk by him and then of course I would get busted taking the pic when my kid was off doing something else!!! LOL thanks for the stalker report loved it!

  7. Gladys Parker said...

    Too Cool! I would probably have been nerdy and asked for his autograph lol You did good, nothing to shameful! Pics for proof good job!
    Gladys P

  8. Ms D said...

    LOL!! Too funny and cool! Great pics even if you did get busted! And Karen Carpenter? Ummm, TOTALLY! ;)

  9. Ai Mei said...

    Hilarious! I'm sure if you went up to him and said hello he would've been friendly :) At least your weren't a CRAZY screaming "stalker" lol! :)

  10. Susan said...

    I would have completely been stalking him too!!!!! Lucky you...he is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  11. won said...

    I don't watch Lost.

    But I would completely watch him...anyday, anywhere.

    And poolside sounds divine :)

  12. MTgunfighter said...

    The Coronado is a great place. I've never stayed there.

    My mom love going down there. My parents went to the Coronado every year for a conference. She would rave about the place...

  13. Anissa said...

    Love it! He's so great, and while you were embarrassed, we appreciate it ;)

  14. deb126 said...

    Wow Thats a cool story, I think I would of been totally the same way, not sure what to do or what to say if I actually had nerve to go up & say hi, but great experience anyway and you have proof!! pictures...
    You know he probably has to at least expect that people will approach him when traveling and staying in places where like you said, common people stay too,
    thanks for the pics, and ooh yes he is a looker !!!!!

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