Heading West to the Islands

It’s been five years since we last flew with kids.

They bring a lot of stuff.

Backpacks, Barbies, iPods, Nintendo DS’, snacks, food, Sony Readers, crayons, paper, blankets, ….

Okay I guess it’s no different than me.

I have my laptop, my iPhone, wallet, earphones, gum, Seabands for hubby, itinerary, phone charger, iGo charger, computer charger.  All in my purse.

So multiply all that junk by 5 and we literally just forgot the kitchen sink.  

Plus we checked two large suitcases stuffed full.

Even going to Hawaii, all those swimsuits and skimpy 87-degree weather clothes pile up.

San Francisco airport itself is it’s own entity.

Monday morning crowds are astounding, we were well in the city 2 hours before our flight, but after long-term parking, the shuttle, the check-in, security, and finding our gate, we literally walked straight to boarding.

No coffee, no potty break, no breakfast.

Rush. Rush. Rush.

Then on the plane, everyone wants to empty the contents of their bags to “play.”

Unlike Hawaiian, we have to purchase meals on United and my oldest inhaled a sleeve of salami and a turkey and cheese sandwich in 20 minutes.

Suddenly the tween’s appetite has quadrupled.

My son, a nervous nelly like me stresses and take off, then tries his best to go back to sleep, but can’t.

We’ve all been up since 4:45a.m. our patience, shot.

I look around and see a calm beauty with a BRIDE sweatshirt, JUST MARRIED tee, dutifully writing thank-you notes, skimming her Maui itinerary.

Ahh, the relaxation has already hit her, she simply awaits the islands and her honeymoon.

While I perspire with the five of us tired, disheveled, and obviously ravenous.

2 hours into our flight we’ve spent $65.

I think my next purchase will be a MaiTai and a Xanax chaser.

Did I mention I mixed up Eastbound and Westbound flights, so the movie going over was not RIO, but Arthur with Russell Brand?

Yeah, K was pissed.  

Never a dull moment, even on vacation!

Happily we arrived to beautiful Oahu. Aloha!

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  1. Amelia said...

    I feel you!! I only have a 4 month old, but we've been on 2 short "vacations" ...both of which felt nothing like vacation. Gone are the days where trips = relaxing. I am envious of that bride, too :)

  2. Merrie said...

    Aloha! Hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing time before school next week! *ack*

  3. Liz Mays said...

    You are so lucky to be off to Hawaii!!!! :))

  4. Unknown said...

    Hawaii! Lucky, lucky woman!

    And this seriously cracked me up-I laughed at the new bride...ha!

    I think that's how I feel when I'm dragging the girls around and see a woman who's pregnant and not frazzled...yet.

    Have fun--sounds heavenly!

  5. Michelle said...

    Family trip to Hawaii! Now I am completely jealous of you. I hope it was amazing. We'd love to take our kids someday but we'll see if it happens.

  6. Robin Quick said...

    Why does it seem we always need a vacation from our vacation?? Ive never been to Hawaii but would love to one day. Hope you eventually mellowed out an had a great time!

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