Making it Through the Week

I can hardly concentrate on the next week.

K's 6th birthday is coming up.

I have a party for like 25 million kids on Saturday planned.

Also that dreaded, "will it rain, will it not rain?!" dilemma we have every year I order a jump house.

28 birthday parties and I still don't learn.

My 3 kids have November, February, and March birthdays. 

It rains then.

Though randomly, you never know.

Today, it's 64 degrees out.  I can only pray it will be the same next weekend.

I hear it's going to be 70, crossing my parts.

I've started packing for our next trip.



Two islands this time.

Lanai and Molokai.

My mind is again, blown.

I laughed at first when I saw Target bring out all their swimwear in January....then I bought a bikini top. 

I'm digging out my sun dresses, shorts, and sunscreen.

We fly out on my birthday, the 6th.

What a gift.

Let's see if I can make it through this week.

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  1. Simply Being Mommy said...

    So jealous of all your Hawaii trips!

    Have fun.

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