The $10 Dollar Gift.

Last night we craved super taqueria.

Pulled in, and right by the door was what looked like a homeless man.

He sat on the cement staring at the ground.

Beside him was a shopping cart full of black garbage bags full of what I think was his "stuff."

It was dark, cold, he looked dirty, down.

Before I let my husband out of the car, I said, "Please give him this $5 bill. I bet he's starving."

What?! He's just resting.

My husband is not normally cold-hearted, but tonight he surprised me by the comment.

I replied with, "is that what you tell yourself so that you can ignore the problem?"

It was a harsh statement, but this man did not look to be just resting outside the door of a food establishment.  He was hungry. 

My husband walked by him and entered the restaurant.

I grabbed another $5 bill from my wallet. 

I clearly have more than this man at the moment.  I'm in the heated car.  I have a car.  I'm not sitting in the cold.  And, I'm getting dinner.

I walk over to him and in Spanish spoke to him.

Tienes hambre? (Are you hungry?)

"Si." He replied with his head still lowered.

Ven, comprar algo para comer. (Here, buy something to eat)

"Aye dios, gracias."  (Oh god, thank you)

I got back into the car and waited for my husband. 

On his way out of the restaurant, he approached the man and handed him $5.

My heart warmed.

As he got in the car I said, I love you babe, you are awesome!

My Boy, in the back seat, says, "Dad, mom gave him money too."

I nodded and he looked at me and smiled.  "You didn't trust me?"

I did, but now he will eat, and I'll sleep just a little better tonight.

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