My Boy's Eleven and I Miss Party Stress

Last week My Boy turned eleven.


Ten plus 1.

Does this mark the TWEENS?

I think so.
Holy cow, time stop your flying!

The first year we didn't have a full-on Swag-fest with jumphouse and mommy-stress.

It was kinda nice.

Though when the weather gets it's head out of it's butt we're going to the beach.

The Beach Boardwalk that is.

My Boy will bring a couple of buds and they'll get their amusement park junk food and rides on.

We'll also get our season passes.

Look at me all multi-tasking.

It's about time.

But, I miss that bounce house.

I miss all the kids running amok.

I miss all the food and goody bags.

The store bought birthday cake that feeds a small army.

I miss the party stress.

Oh I don't.

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  1. Shelly Peterson said...

    He is so adorable from birth to 11! What a handsome young man he is now. The "kid" party's are a bit stressful but yet so much fun!

  2. VickieC said...

    yes I can relate,but enjoy it while you can,when the grandkids come it starts all over again,lol

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