Baby Talk from my Baby.

The past few nights have been late ones.

Late ones like we were out of town for a baseball game.

Dance and dinner ran late.

The yewzh.

Everyone was cranky and tired and over-tired and super cranked.

The whining was abundant.

A bumped head out of crankdom made bath time a cryfest.


Finally, my youngest calmed down enough to request her nightly book reading and tuck in.

She lays in the bottom bunk, story is read, kisses are given then lights out.

Tonight I needed more after all the emotion.

"Lay with me here on the couch and we'll read."

SIGH okay.

I read her book for the night which is like an encyclopedia, she finally tells me...

Stop there, I'm tired.

"Please, how about we cuddle on my bed?"

...stomp stomp OHKAY!

As we climb into my bed I rub her back and she lets out a "MAMA" in complete baby talk style.

Sounded like one of those baby doll back in the day when you pulled the string on their back they cried Mama!

I giggle.

She giggles.

Her giggles make me giggle more.

Giggles amplify in the room until we're delirious.

Just a few minutes later she's asleep on top of me in my bed.

Oh these moments, I want to bottle them up before they're gone forever!

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  1. Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

    Oh, how I miss those times! Maybe if cute grandchildren come visit, I can get some new moments like that!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Awww, Ive been having moments that I'd like to bottle up too. They grow up too darn fast!

  3. Shelly Peterson said...

    What a interesting night you had, it went from pull your hair out moments to special precious ones that mean so much :)

  4. VickieC said...

    those are the precious moments,,I know how hard it can be,,but it really does fly by fast,my oldest will be 38 in Sept,it makes his wife laugh when I call him "my baby"

  5. Jessica Cox said...

    I just had a baby why does it always seem that the pregnancy last forever and u blink and shes already 2 months old so sad
    Jessica Cox

  6. Andrew Augustus said...

    Oh I am living this RIGHT NOW! :-)

  7. JKCrewell said...

    I am living this right now!

  8. Declan Cash's Mom said...

    My baby is 18 months old. We were playing peekaboo around the side of a chair in the living room this morning and she was laughing up a storm. I thought to myself that I need to get the video camera out because she won't laugh that same way in a year or two. And she just started to run. And wear her hair in a tiny pony tail. Even if she doesn't want me to share these memories with her in a few years (surely when she's in her 20's though), I want to at least have them for myself. My son is starting kindergarten this year and the time has just gone by too quickly.

  9. Miranda W. said...

    I love when the kids and I are just hanging out and giggle together! Laughter is the best sound ever!

  10. Molly said...

    My baby boy is 2 months old...and he just talks to steals my precious! Molly Bussler

  11. Harmony said...

    So sweet. thank you for sharing

  12. Unknown said...

    Oh so sweet! I have lots of those moments and also wish I could just bottle them up. Every day my boys do something that just melts my heart but also makes me realize they are growing up and that makes me a little sad since it seems to go by so quickly!
    -Rachel D.

  13. Vanessa C. said...

    Awww so sweet! I love watching my little man sleep in my arms. He's a toddler and the cuddle times are still there, but I know it'll wind down. So I'm enjoying them as much as I can.

  14. won said...

    Amen to that.

    I wish I was one of the few people who remember every second of their life.

  15. Cinderella10383 said...

    aww so sweet, I cannot wait for my little guy to have the ability to say things to me and actually talk. He is 26 months old and barely says anything. He only says Mama, Baba,Bye,Go,Hi, Dora and I think one other word. He is considered behind in speech so I am longing for the days when he asks me to read him a book. This was such a cute story.

    Jamie Brigham
    PrettyInPinkWife @ aol dot com

  16. akronugurl said...

    my baby is now say mamma i love it

  17. Anonymous said...

    I get sad when I think about the times my kids have said and done the cutest things and I know they will never do them again...b/c they are growing up..

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

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