All-Star Baseball Widow

Two years ago my son had the honor of being asked to play in All-Stars for baseball.

A group of boys that were voted on my coaches and peers to play in an elite tournament at the end of the regular baseball season.

It was an honor.

That we had to turn down.

We plan our seasonal end-of-the-year-beginning-of-summer trip during that time and well, if you don't show up, of course you can't play.

As boys got older and skill levels more competitive, last year he did not make a team.  So away we went on vacation.

This year, though he struggled the first half of the season he ended up doing really well in the next level of little league, "the Majors!" 

Combining his new confidence, skills, and overall pleasant temperment, he made the 11 year old all-star team this year!

So excited, so proud, Hubby was even asked to help coach this group of great kids.

Our travel plans are working around the schedule, perfect right?

Well, now that Hub works out of town, our days go like this:

6:30am-Hub leaves for work
5:45pm-Hub comes home from work
6pm-Hub and Son head to practice
9pm-Hub and Son come home


Every day.

For two weeks, even Saturdays.

Crazy long days. 

And, I bet my husband is feeling them too. (smirk)

 Our first game is this weekend, so hopefully this crazy hard working practice pays off.

And, maybe we'll have a home-cooked family dinner together soon. 


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  1. Shelly Peterson said...

    How awesome! Congratulations to your son and husband. Life will be a little crazy for a while for sure but I bet your son and you are so excited.

  2. VickieC said...

    I went thru the same thing with my son an daughter,,but its all worth it in the end,,they have wonderful memories of their youth

  3. Deanna said...

    WOW. Cool opportunity for them at least!

  4. Mari said...

    Congrats to your son on his accomplishment. My son is very talented at every sport he tries. However, his grades weren't cutting it, and we had to put our foot down. Thankfully, his grades are up and he has participated and excelled this year.

  5. kelly1980777 said...

    congraton son and husband

  6. Declan Cash's Mom said...

    I have a friend whose daughter plays softball (she's only 8 years old) and plays on the all star teams. The hours upon hours and days upon days she spends at the ballfield are overwhelming to me. And the Texas heat is already taking temperatures over 100 degrees. At least their team wins!

  7. Molly said...

    Congratulations to your son and husband and enjoy your home cooked meal together...that's one of the best parts. Molly Bussler

  8. Natalie said...

    That's great! What a wonderful opportunity! Although those do sound like quite long, busy days! Hang in there!

  9. Miranda W. said...

    Wow! That is one crazy schedule!!!! Congrats to your son and hubby though! And I hope you get that family meal soon! LOL.

  10. Anna F said...

    Wow = good for them! wonderful!

  11. Allen Family said...

    I have 3 small boys, my oldest did tball in the Spring. I can't wait till they get older, but I know that the older they get...the busier it will get too.

  12. Vanessa C. said...

    Good luck! That does sound tiring but fun :)

  13. 1porkchop said...

    It is frustrating to me that many of these leagues refuse to keep score of the games. Kids need to learn sportsmanship and the virtue of being a gracious loser, and having the games end in a tie does nothing for them.

  14. Unknown said...

    That is great, but how sad that you never see your husband. I am sure in the end it will be worth it though!
    -Rachel D.

  15. Cinderella10383 said...

    Wow this sounds like a crazy schedule. My hubby leaves for work around 7:30 and gets home around 6:30, then it's dinner time for our 2 year old and then bed time for him at 8:00. I feel wiped out most days because of this. I am glad your son made the team and improved.

    Jamie Brigham
    PrettyInPinkWife @ aol dot com

  16. Stephanie H. said...

    I think all families that encourage their children to enter sports enter the stage in life where family vacations have to be altered to accomodate sports schedules. My parents got around some of the issues because for those of us that didn't want to be in sports we helped our parents coach the younger children so certain nights of the week we were out doing sports or helping coach sports

  17. won said...

    As the mother of an athlete who once came thisclose to being on an all-star team, I say kudos to your son! What a great accomplishment!

  18. Anonymous said...

    wow those are long days! I would go crazy lol!

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  19. akronugurl said...

    i love baseball Congratulations to your son

  20. Betty Roberts said...

    Wow I'm not ready for a schedule like that I have three boys and we have plans in getting them into sports when they get older but oh the sacrifice of eating a home cooked meal together

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