MALEstones Happening Before My Ears

It scares me a few times a week.

I'll be in my office bedroom and hear this deep voice talking to DQ.

It's 3:45pm so I know Hubby isn't home.

I vaguely remember setting the 'at home' setting on the alarm, so a burglar isn't talking to my 15 year old.

I shake the cobwebs from my brain and realize yes, that is the deep, hormonal, very masculine voice of my 12 year old son.

That very son who is inching taller over me more and more every day.

That very son who at 2am wakes me from my slumber to again assume a burglar is in our home, but it's really my boy rummaging through our refrigerator.

"I'm starving!"

I don't know if he went to bed and woke hungry or hadn't hit the pillow yet.

That boy has never gone to bed early since infancy.

Just a size and a half away from wearing dad's shoes, this boy is becoming a man.

It's pretty weird for me.

Being a girl and all, I know all the girl changes DQ has gone through and this is more Hubs' territory.

Clothes are now purchased in the men's department.

Socks are smelling pretty rank these days, pits aren't nature's bliss either.

Luckily, the sophomore is giving him skin tips and he's showering regularly, so he's staying pretty hygienic.

He's also in junior high now, and that means he wants to do something I've never let any of the kids do...walk home from school with friends.

This is a toughie letting go of control for sure.

My job as a work at home mom is that I'm available for the kids.

I pick them up from school.

Now the elementary school was two blocks away.  

I didn't let them walk...well except for that ONE TIME HE WILL NEVER LET ME LIVE DOWN.

The junior high is over a mile away.

Needless to say, I stalked him on day one....and possibly day 3.

But, he made it home on those days WITHOUT A CELL PHONE as he's now begging for.

Oh these milestones and this growing up thing is just going too fast I tell ya.

I'm aging faster than my hair dye purchases can keep up with.

It's hard letting go.

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  1. Honey + Lime said...

    Aww you have a grown man on your hands!

  2. VickieC said...

    oh yes,I remember those days,,my son grew 5 inches that year he turned 12,,an towered over me,hard to scold someone you have to look up to do,,lol,,,he had a lot of pain in his legs,took him to the Dr an he said that his bones were growning faster than his muscles could keep up with,so soaking in a tub of warm water helped,,good luck

  3. Catch My Words said...

    Just wait until they move out. We're empty nesters.

  4. L. Kerr (Admin) said...

    My 24 year old son is 6'1 and im 5'2 so needless to say he towers over me, and now he even thinks he is my parent sometimes! LOL!

  5. Unknown said...

    My youngest sons voice has changed a lot in the past month - it almost happened overnight. They grow up so fast.

  6. Yona Williams said...

    Im feeling this way about my nephew - he's getting taller, growing up, and losing he's 'cute' voice and ways. Awe - its so sad.

  7. rachel said...

    I wonder if my mom was ever comforted by the fact that I'm shorter than her. Never thought of that! :)

  8. CindyWindy2003 said...

    LOL, I don't have a son but I can imagine the voice change being the weirdest thing to get used to.

  9. Amy Orvin said...

    Isn't it sad how fast they grow up. It's unbelievable!

  10. Unknown said...

    It's much easier to live through your posts!

  11. Rose-Marie said...

    This is poetry! I think you captured a mom's angst, wonderment and hope all in one post! It is hard, too, when they are still cute like a boy, but don't want a hug, either!

  12. Mary said...

    This was the funniest thing I've read in a long time! Thanks for the laugh! Great writing!

  13. Anna Pry said...

    i don't have any sons yet but hopefully one day we will, keep on enjoying their childhoods :)

  14. Katie said...

    Great post! Sounds like you have raised some great kids!

  15. Sara said...

    Your kids sound wonderful.

  16. Michele P. said...

    I can remember when my now 22 yr old son was that age... time flies by so fast... enjoy it while you can. My youngest is now 13 and taller than me as well.

  17. Rose-Marie said...

    what's hard is their growing up, you don't need to let go just at the big milestones, ie going off to college, but all these small but defining changes, too!!

  18. tannawings said...

    Kids change so quickly and before you know it they are gone and having a home of their own. You when they are young thik some dayss they cant grow up fast enough especially during thosee difficult ages.... bt when they go, you miss them like mad and wonder where the toddler went!

  19. Robin Wilson said...

    My mom was right. The time really does fly by after you have kids. My son was just in kindergarten and now he's in his last semester of college. Rank socks and all hug him tight every day for soon you will have empty arms.

  20. Betsy Barnes said...

    It seems my son grew up so very fast also. I remember going through those "male" changes and trying to understand a few. My hubby was a big help in a lot of them. It did take awhile getting used to the deeper voice. :)

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