Loser Mom Award

.....And the winner is.....


*hold your applause*

I totally suck.

I blame my meds.

So I'm the type who only answers the door to the FedEx guy and UPS.

They rap 3 times and run.

Only small talk when I need to sign for a package.

Other than that, I've written before about solicitors being the bane of my existence.

So today was a mixed up day.

Went to the doctor for K again.

Got an early lunch, hubby back to work.

What I failed to remember was Thursday is minimum day-early release at 12:40pm.

Normally hubby is home for lunch and I head to the school.

Because of our schedule, hubby wasn't here.

I continued with my weekly routine.

The doorbell rings at 12:50pm....

K, don't run to the door and tear apart the blinds!!!

I peek to see if it's a package, no truck.

I actually don't see anyone at the door.

Well, anyone of normal height.

I look again, and look down a bit.

A small child!? That's weird, it's mid-after...D'OH!!!

OMG it's my small child!

My Boy.



I forgot to pick him up from school!




I opened the door, and peeled the backpack off his sweaty back.

Apologizing and near tears the kid is fine, crossed two streets, made it unscathed, sweat-drenched and thirsty, but made it.

I feel like crap.

What does DQ say when I tell her?

OMG I never have gotten to walk home alone and i'm OLDER than he is!

He now wears a badge of pride.

A badge that his older sister doesn't have.

One he earned at my fail.

Can I do that again tomorrow!?

Hell-to-the NO!

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  1. Rachel said...

    What is minimum day?

    I've never heard of this, so... i don't know how to comment on the rest :-)

  2. Unknown said...

    Hehe! I love it how you were near tears and he's all proud wanting to do it again tomorrow...haha!

  3. Unknown said...

    Oh no! I did that once when my oldest was in K4. I was working 3rd shift and forgot all about picking him up. I fell asleep! He was still at school of course, but someone had to stay with him for like 1/2 hour or so. I felt soooo bad!

  4. Janis said...

    Whoops! I think he needs a cell phone to call you next time. You can tell him I said so.

  5. michelle said...

    No harm no fowl. Sounds like an independent problem solving little boy. Didn't stand at school and cry. Looked for the adventure. Bravo!

    I'm the same way about folks knocking on my door, or calling. Completely anti-social. ha ha

  6. Martha said...

    A resourceful boy! Too funny about DQ, it is a right of passage thing to be able to walk home from school! I always had to remind myself when it was Wed, as they had 1 hour early dismissal every Wed.

    Not a loser mom!

  7. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Oh Jen, well I had to give my award to you this week because I sure had the LOSER MOM award last week.

    Let me start off that my son gets outta school at 1:45 and I leave work at 2 so my girlfriend always gets my son for 15 min and then I pick him up at her house. Well last Friday I let her know that I could pick him up because I was not working. This is my first year picking the kids up from school because previous years they went to after school care. On top of that daughter started her new middle school so I had her schedule stuck in my head.

    Last Friday I had the day off work and all to myself. I called my BFF and we met for lunch and I was really enjoying a day all to myself. Does not happen very often. All this time I had 2:37 stuck in my head daughters time so I left my girlfriends house at 1:45 got to son's school at 2 sitting in my car thinking to myself dang I am way early I have a half hour to kill. At 2:15 I realize HOLY CHIT son got out at 1:45 and I hurry and walk to the office holding my head down in shame but I call my girlfriend just in case she got him and her Hubby answers

    HIM: NO (laughs)

    Thank the lord my friend and her hubby don't communicate well because he thought all along he was suppose to get my son from school.


  8. Anonymous said...

    We are all human - glad it all worked out well.

  9. Merrie said...

    I think the funniest part of the story is that you're more upset than the boy. He probably felt cool walking home like a big guy, and of course DQ made it even cooler. Don't worry -- we've all done it. :)

  10. The Mom Jen said...

    Rachel-minimum day is early release day once a week 12:40 rather than 2:08.

  11. Heidi said...

    Oh holy crosswalk! That's crazy. I mean I walked home in 1st grade,and you are SO not a bad mom. but yeah, story for the years!

  12. Courtney said...

    No worries Mama we have all been there! The great thing is he built self confidence and thank God all is ok.

  13. Sue Wilkey said...

    Oh man I wish I had a good excuse...but honestly, 75% of days I'm blabbing away at the computer and I look up at my little computer clock and OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I"M LATE FOR THE BUS!!!!!!!!


  14. Jill said...

    oye vay!! i think most of us have had loser mom moments... i once left my then 4 week old in the car when i picked up her sister from preschool. she was only there for about 3 minutes - but i FREAKED out. cried so hard that i threw my 2 year old in the car and drove off... not realizing that i then forgot to buckle her in...

  15. Halftime Lessons said...

    Ouch. ;-)

    I am sure proud of your kiddo though!

    Don't so hard on yourself, Jen. If our Parental skills were measures by single individual moments, we would be in rough shape.

    one day when I feel like having folks destroy my ego rather than build it, I'll share some of my "finest".

    And then I'll sit by the door and wait for CPS.

    You're a great mom, Jen. In fact, you're THE mom Jen. ;-)


  16. Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

    saw your SITS badge and had to leave a comment...thank goodness he was okay- it is called momnesia and I have heard it goes away eventually but my kids are tween/teens and I still have it. LOL

  17. Liz said...

    Back at the end of May, I came home from work & crashed for a few minutes on my bed. I figured that I had nearly 1/2 an hour til I had to pick up the kids. I had no intention of going to sleep...just wanted to lay there & stare at the ceiling for a few minutes. Umm yeah...at 3:35 the phone rang. (my kids' school lets out at 3:00) I glanced at the clock & IMMEDIATELY knew it had to be the school. GASP! I answered the phone by saying "I'm so sorry...I'm on the way NOW!" and went running out the front door. I drove about 90 mph on the way to the school & jumped the speed bumps on 2 wheels as I flew into the school driveway. When I got to the curb, the lady was giggling....she said she HEARD me coming & assured me that it was OK...and that I wasn't the only one who'd ever been late getting there. I felt soooooooooooo bad! The kids still haven't let me live that down.

  18. Michelle said...

    My B would've done exactly as your boy and I probably would've killed him! We only live 4 houses down from the school so I let the kids walk to school in the morning. I just watch them from the front porch since I can see them walk onto school property and there are 4 of them with the neighbor boy. One day I was running late and B decided they should start walking home instead of waiting for me. Wrong answer! I told them if I ever am late just wait there. If everyone gets picked up they can come inside the school office and call me. I explained to B that if I am not there I am probably not home so walking home to a locked house by yourself instead of staying at the school with adults is a bad choice.

    Glad he was ok and didn't seem upset by it!

  19. 1froglegs said...

    I am sure he saw it as an adventure, not a chore.

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