It's Raining Babies!!

Not really, but I attended a family baby shower today. The first, for the excited mom-to-be, and a girl to boot, Kori or Kayla will be her name! It was a great event with presents of the pink proportion, tiny little onesies, lots of great books (mom is a Kindergarten teacher), and a breast milk storage container/gadget of some kind. Lovely conversation with my sister in law, Hubby's aunt and cousin that shared the table with me. I can't lie and say the shower didn't give me the baby "twinge" that most mothers or wanna-be mothers tend to get when they see those miniscule baby socks! But, i've been down that road three times now, i'm not sure it will happen again.

Here are my 3 kiddoes at 2 months old, don't they look so much alike?

After my second two babies, I loved getting out the scrapbooks and comparing faces, expressions, and hair. My boy was bald for the first year, plus. My girls both had lots of hair that turned curly very early. My girls have always been great sleepers, My Boy, not so much. Colic defined those early months with him...*shudder.*

Pregnancy was pretty easy on me, just the run-of-the-mill all-day sickness in the early months, but hey, it comes with the territory. I was told today to go for that 4th even things out. To have my 2 older kids close in age, as well as the younger two. I don't know about that, but comments like that are frequent. I choose to live vicariously through the TLC show, John and Kate Plus EIGHT. That mom has a set of twins, and then sextuplets. She always said after her twins that she'd like to have ONE more, then had six! Yeah, maybe i'll stick with three!

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