Brain Overload!!

Do you ever have a zillion things running through your head at a given time!? I need a professional THOUGHTS organizer for my brain! I need to start carrying around a notepad with me to write everything down. Especially on Mondays.

Here is my current list of disorganized thoughts....
-did My Boy put his homework folder in his backpack?
-call and reschedule DQ's orthodontist appointment
-sack lunch for field trip on Tuesday
-need antibacterial soap
-why can toddlers handle the sound of Elmo's voice?
-Wednesday teacher conference DQ
-start a Menu Monday on blog
-hand out My Boy's bday invites at school
-does Hubby have baseball practice tonight?
-My Boy and K have checkups this month, why isn't it on my calendar?
-dance convention this weekend, 1/2 or full day?
-Easter plans
-does Elmo have a mom? *asked by My Boy*
-Google poison oak salves for Hubby
-what's for dinner?
-Google "Brain Organizers"
-email friends for a Mommy's night out!

Familiar? This is normal for me, daily, sometimes hourly. I have a calendar with all this stuff on it, but the moment I wake up for the day all of it swirls around in my brain and crosses my eyes before my feet even hit the floor. Luckily my morning coffee helps settle the mind...maybe a little hit of Kahlua might even settle it more! But, I don't like Kahlua, so scratch that.

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