Cheese with that W(h)ine?

Oh the simple struggles of a stay-at-home mom!

I do it for the perks, you know! I do get to live out some other fantasy jobs I would normally have not done for a living. I'm a writer, blogging counts. I'm a graphic designer,sorta. Just a few fun perks to being home all day, with child, and have 2 computers at my disposal.

Originally and most importantly, I'm home to care for my kids. This year marks my 10th anniversary as a SAHM, 10 years away from the workforce and the monthly delivery of a paycheck. I've enjoyed it! I wouldn't have it any other way. Except for that occasional time like today (oh and Wednesday), when I wish I had a nanny.

My Boy's teacher asked me to help out in the classroom and for the Easter party. I obliged, thinking K would be an angel like during the gingerbread house event last December. I was wrong, apparently I forgot she's TWO. As I took the bag of stuffed plastic eggs to the lawn to scatter, K decided she would throw an academy-award-winning tantrum, to end all tantrums. I walked and tossed eggs like a mad woman as K ran double-time after me hysterically. She didn't want an egg, didn't want to throw them, didn't want to be carried, nada! Just wanted to cry louder and louder. She pointed to a small scrape on her palm where she apparently fell, I kissed it, and it should have been all better. But, it wasn't. Sweating, I thought, I need to get through the next few minutes so Mrs. L could bring the kids out to hunt. Please K, just 2 more minutes. Then the breakdown of "blankie, baba" repeated ten million times and louder each time started. GREAT. Didn't bring those in my bag of tricks. Just the juice cup, mandarin oranges, and pretzels. WHY?! Why, after 3 kids, am I not smarter? As I worked my way back to the classroom with my flailing child, I tried to ignore those wonderful stares from teachers, other moms, and kids. I know what you're thinking, what did mommy do to her, right?!

Needless to say we couldn't stay a minute longer. We got to the car and went home where we waited for daddy to join us for lunch, and were saved by the mere sight of blankie and baba. Baby Crack!

I didn't get to say goodbye to My Boy or his teacher, and I felt like I let them both down. GUILT! Sacrifices...again this week...every week...every day. Well, I have good intentions. I just hope all the kids will understand what mommy did (or tried to do) for ALL of them when they were young.

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  1. Brandii said...

    OMG Jen! LOL.. Yes indeed K is 2!

    LOVE DQ's hair! She is soo hip hop, LOVE that 2nd picture!

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