When you give the kids the camera....

they will want to do a photoshoot. Of none other than their Build-a-Bears! And, their little sister!

If they get to do a photoshoot, then they'll want you to put the pics on your blog!

Day one of Spring Break. So far so good. They haven't said they're bored...YET. Instead, the most expensive stuffed animals on the planet are getting their quarterly photos taken! You think i'm joking, but I have a full folder of photos of just my kids' stuffed friends! They line them up. They put "families" together meaning the dog, bunny, and bunny babies! (?) They get so excited doing it too.

Don't ask Hubby's opinion though, he's not a stuffed animal kinda guy. Too "soft" for his tough exterior! He prefers wood, sporting equipment and construction vehicles for toys!

I think it's kinda cute!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    love those pics, love em, love em, love em!!!

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