Chocolatey Goodness

All your problems go away with chocolate, especially chocolate fudge brownies with mini chocolate chips! Well at least mine do.

Before I get back to my brownies (and I only have 26 minutes 13 seconds left to write this post), I want to apologize ahead of time for any future sexism in my posts or in my polls. I realized the top 2 choices in my recent poll were girly-wear....thinking, 'only women read my blog' but it isn't true, I know for a fact at least 5 men are reading. I did put an option for tee/shorts for my beachwear poll, but I was thinking more along the lines of women who may be a bit more self-conscious of their bodies. And I apologize. I could have added speedos as a choice for those of you secure in your manhood, but I'll save that for another topic/poll/photo layout, another time. Okay. Good.

Back to brownies. Yeah, I'm thinking of giving one each to Hubby, DQ, My Boy, and K and the rest of the 13X9 dish is MINE, all mine! It's just one of those days.

14 minutes, 47 seconds left....yes, a paragraph and a half takes me 12 minutes to write. I've gotten distracted 3 times and transferred the laundry from the washer to the dryer!

Have you ever had a brownie sandwich? It's so easy to make...

Brownie Sandwich (typed in red for LOVE)
3 Brownies
Layer them atop eachother, give a little squeeze and enjoy!

It's really hard to concentrate on anything else right now. I am starting to smell them, and I'm drooling a little.

Sorry, i'm at a loss for words. I completely intended on posting a really interesting something or another. But, my pms-induced yearning for brownies has totally clouded my mind and I can speak of nothing else.

Have you ever been so hungry for something that in that first bite you actually ate some of your hand? Me either, that would be gross, and bloody, and who likes blood on their brownies?

In this last 5 minutes 12 seconds, I'm going to recite a poem I wrote, it's called Brown Square of Bliss

Brown, square, moist, and cocoa-y. How do I love thee?

Let me count the seconds until you're with me..100 seconds...99, 98, 97

The alarm sounds and I run to the kitchen. I love you.

And, i'm out!

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