Mr. All Around

My Boy began his 2008 season with the Rays today, Opening Day! Despite the wet weather, it was PLAY BALL and that the team did. With the twice-weekly practices the Rays looked phenomenal on defense, making plays left and right, shutting down the Cards before they reached the end of their line up. My Boy made a handful of catches and outs at first base, and one at third, also getting on base at each "at-bat." The division is a perfect fit for our slugger as his skills have improved dramatically in a year's time. The boys had a great time out there today and it looks to be an incredible season. To celebrate their efforts, Krispy Kremes and Gatorade for all! GO RAYS!

Additionally, we have a Blue Belt in Karate in our midst. Half-way to black belt, he passed his testing Tuesday night and Thursday earned his belt at graduation. My Boy is bilingual in Korean when it comes to many Karate moves, and does a mean wheel kick. If you met him in a dark alley, fear him! But, also call me, because his curfew is 8pm and needs to be in bed!


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    Sure makes us proud, as do all the grandchildren!!!!!

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