"Beets Poddy"

K was so excited to go to the beets today. She repeated "beets poddy" [beach party-we think] all the way there. It was an amazing day!

Best beach shoes ever.


A little plastic shovel will not do!

NERD-WORD of the day is "Liquifaction" (look it up)

I could just eat those toes!

Snack break.

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  1. KristinRanae said...

    I love the new beach pics. You have a beautiful family:) The last pic of K is my favorite:)

  2. Anonymous said...

    I love the pictures! I miss living by the beach :(

  3. OHmommy said...

    Oh man. I need a beach party.

    We STILL have snow here. :(

  4. Anonymous said...

    Jen, it looks like you had a wonderful day. Your picture are amazing. You have a talent. Also, what kind of camera do you have? I love your blog. jenn

  5. The Mom Jen said...

    Hey Jenn, my camera is 6 years old and in a walker, seriously, photoshop is my friend! ;)

  6. Heather said...

    Oh I am so jealous.

    And the pics are so great!

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