I've got some 'Splainin' to Do

Foot meet mouth.

The other night while the kids enjoyed some Yaya and Papa love, DQ showed off her gift from the Easter Bunny, a cool book on Lettering, or as I call it, the font making book. The book comes with alphabet stencils, colored pencils, and dozens of creative ways to make name and word art. One alphabet is all sports related with the "L" being a hockey stick and the "O" a baseball glove with the inner hole a baseball. You get what I mean.

So DQ is showing all her new creations and bragging how she's charging to make personalized signs for people [read: mom], and she's already made $7 bucks [i'm her mom!]. And then the slip happens...the slip of all slips...the slip no mom should allow to slip off her tongue. "...yeah, I got that for her for Easter!"

For the love of all that's holy, what did I just do?! I back-tracked as fast as I could, "I mean the Easter Bunny brought it!" Yeah, that's it. Not me. The E.B. Right.

But, my face had flushed the color of a cherry tomato and I looked over to D.Q. who gave me a 'look' that I couldn't decipher. What did she think? Was I a liar? Did I just goof? I couldn't tell. The subject changed fast.

Fast forward to today...at Target we stroll down one of the many toy aisles and there it is, plain as day. "That's the book I got!" Crap. I'm thinking, would she believe me if I told her the E.B. had access to Target for his holiday shopping? Or does the E.B. work like Santa and have a workshop with elf-like people making presents for kids of the world? What do I say, what do I do? Panic. Sweat.

Then over by the games...Scene It, Disney Edition. "I got that for Easter too," to her friend.

I'm thinking my 9 and a half year old is smart. She is processing all this information in her head. Late Saturday night, the night before Easter, E.B. (or E.B.'s?)all over the world shut down local Target stores and shop for little kids. And, if you peered through the windows you'd see rabbits hopping amok filling their baskets with chocolate replicas of themselves and other random toys. Hmmm...I'm thinking she doesn't buy it!

But, like the smart girl she is, she says nothing. Which scares me a little.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    aww Jen! I would have done something like that..heck I already did Ava and Abe are just too young to know lucky for me!

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