Finally Toothless!

Oh do you see how proud My Boy is?? He lost his first tooth...almost 7 years in the making! And, he pulled it out himself. It's been a few weeks since it first became wiggly. He's been working at it every day since. We'd get updates daily, and there were days when I really didn't see it move at all, but I believed him when he said it was "really, REALLY, loose this time!" After dinner tonight, he showed me how his tongue could nearly push it out, only hanging by the thinnest piece of skin. We tried flossing through the thread of skin, too painful. Hubby brought out tweezers and My Boy ran away screaming! (he's very sensitive!) Finally, after just messing with it, the little speck popped right out.

It's the teeniest little thing.
It is amazing though, to an almost 7 year old! He took that thing around the house showing even little K, who responded with an "uh oh" and "boo boo" when seeing the gap in his mouth. I put it in a baggie for him so he wouldn't lose it. He decided that he didn't want the tooth fairy to take it. He wants to show Yaya (my mom) tomorrow, she's coming over after work."I might take it to school too," said the BIG BOY with his chest puffed out with pride.

He even wrote a note to the tooth fairy proclaiming his decision. I'm sure she'll understand!

DQ could NOT resist getting her recently-pulled-by-the-dentist adult tooth out for a unbelieveable comparison!

Oh and did I mention DQ was part shark?

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  1. Toni said...

    He is such a cutie! LOL about DQ part shark... thats craziness..look at that tooth!

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