The note to TF

"tooth fairy please don't take my tooth Because I want to keep it until tomorow."
My "silver" engineer-to-be fancied this little pocket note for the Tooth Fairy. Stuck his little niblet of a tooth in the pouch and taped it above his bunk.
Poor kid was more concerned with his itchy, allergy eyes this morning, he didn't even look under his pillow! When he darted back into his room he found a wrinkly $5 bill staring at him from his sheet. *I can tell you're doing the math in your head...20 baby teeth...$5/tooth...that's bank for a little kid!* The wheels were turning in My Boy's head..... Transformers, Legos, gum, baseball cards, the possibilities were endless.

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  1. Toni said...

    That is too cute!!! Its gonna be great to show him that when he has kids of his own :)

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