Tales of a 4th Grade Dancing Queen

Yes, she needed them. Yes, she has them. How long will they be on? Forever! No, not really. Just seems like it. They have been on for just over a year now, and just on the top 4 adult teeth. That's right, it's going to be a loooonnnnngggg road, but DQ has rarely complained and gets very excited when they change the colors on the bands each month to coordinate her current wardrobe. Don't gross out when you see a green thing in her teeth, it's not broccoli, just a stylin' rubber band. Yeah, like she eats anything green or vegetable-like! Ha ha ha, that's funny!

She also has a palate expander in the roof of her mouth. This torture device gets cranked daily to literally enlarge her top jaw, and correct her under/crossbite.

Moms everywhere are now asking their kids to 'say cheese' so they can check out their bite. Oh and remember that pic of My Boy and his missing tooth? There are two adult teeth coming in behind that space, and lets just say that our orthodontist is going to be quite rich from our family alone! Oh well, the price to pay for a straight-toothed beautiful smile. The beautiful smile is already there! Genes probably don't help considering Hubby and I both had braces...and both wear glasses/contacts....but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

School Girl
Had a teacher conference today and DQ made the honor roll again! Love to hear such fabulous things said about our oldest daughter! Letter grades are given this year, a first, although the +'s and -'s are not allowed, for whatever reason. Hubby and I were proud that she has a "high" A in Math, something that has always challenged her and was once her least favortite subject.

One area to focus on....writing! Not enough details. Ha, she gets that from her dad, and I mean that in the most loving way. But, Hubby is not a detail person. Straight forward, get the job done. It's in the genes. I, on the other hand, provide more details than most need to know, offering TMI (too much information) on most stories, but I digress. (see I can't stop writing!)

I was happy to hear that the school will continue to offer an accelerated 5th grade class next year, and DQ's teacher recommends she be in it. Brag much? Yeah, I'm a proud mom. She currently is in an accelerated class and I couldn't be happier with her progress. This class goes above and beyond the scope of the standards and makes learning fun. Not to mention all the cool field trips they've gotten to take (O'Neil Sea Odyssey, Mission visit, Peralta Adobe House, Long Marine Lab). Oh and I can't wait until the end of the year, they're panning for gold, I'm definately volunteering to drive on that trip.

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  1. Louise said...

    Congrats on the great job academically and also on the braces!! Jen I am lovin' your blog. Great writing. Keep it up. Love knowing what the kids are up too. Louise

  2. Brandii said...

    WHOO HOOOO DQ!! You go girl!

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