Hives? Again?!

DQ has been dealing with hives for a few weeks now. They started shortly after she had the flu. We'd notice the raised red bumps most often just before the itching drove her crazy. Benedryl to the rescue. Aside from knocking her out completely in short of an hour, the medicine seems to clear her rash in about as long. After charting a week's worth of 'episodes," we took her to our pediatrician. Either she was allergic to something, or it was part of the virus she was getting over. If the latter, then it could take 4-6 weeks before the hives would go away on their own.

We're approaching that 6 week mark and are still recording these 'episodes.' We've narrowed things down to strawberry, (any)berry, or cherry flavors, as she doesn't eat any of those fruits alone. Also (but possibly related to the flavoring), red food dye. I'm not supposed to read about health problems on the 'net, some of that stuff scares you, but I try to only scan reputable aritcles. I've researched red dye allergies and am finding, just like in science class, red is used with yellow to make orange and with blue to make purple...and pink. Okay...that eliminates most candy!! Seriously though, she had hives today after eating Apple Jacks cereal!

We haven't gone through allergy testing at all, that will probably be the next step, but boy is this a tough road....especially for a kid. Anyone have any experience with this, i'd love to hear it.

DQ sarcastically said she could only eat in black and white! Oreos anyone?

All kidding aside, we have to be very diligent and aware of the things she home, school, family events, and so on. Food allergies need to be taken seriously and can become a serious, possible life-threating, situation. I hope we can find a clearer answer soon!

*Edited to say even the Children's Benedryl is cherry flavored and has red dye, this is pretty confusing! A friend of mine mentioned they also make a 'dye-free' version!!

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