The Name's the Same

To my chagrin, I'm not the only Cheaper Than Therapy blog out there. I'm a hack, a copier, a total poser! I thought long and hard about this name. It was like naming a child, your precious baby who could have no other monniker than what you presented it with at birth. A unique, genuine name, or so you thought.

I had "Cheap Therapy" on my first blog that lasted 2 days. But, that sounded too 'cheap date,' or 'cheap seats,' or 'cheap-o'....I needed something a little more. I thought "Cheaper Than Therapy & Half the Calories" but that was too long and it just didn't make sense. I shortened to the name I have now, but through blog-surfing have found that I am in the company of at least 2 other CTT's on the world wide web.


Just like knowing that your daughter's name (of which you blended both names of mom and dad to create) is actually also the name of a male basketball pro. Hmmph, well that sucks.

Or, like hearing that the greasy guy at the auto parts store has the same name as your sweet cherub, baby girl. Urg.

It ain't right!

Then while I was washing my hair, they came to me. Alternate names for my blog if I choose to change it. All suitable to me, my family, and my life....

Tutus and Num-Chucks--stories from this side of the checkbook

Notes from a Pizza Addict--now with extra CHEESE!

I Married an Engineer--what of it?

Make Fun of my Son's Lisp and I'll Punch You--he's going to speech for it

Please Miley, We're Counting on YOU

Teacher to Mom in 2.2 Years

If All Else Fails, Eat Chocolate

Toe Tattoos Hurt like the Dickens

Girl's Night Out, Anyone?--and other ways to feel normal

Pure Filth

Corona Light with Lemon

No I Haven't Showered Today

Quarter Slots--gambling since 1981

Aunt Flo is my Nemesis

Tales from the Bottomless Laundry Basket

Guess that Smell

Name that Rotten Food Item at the back of the Refrigerator

Oh I can go on.....

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  1. Heather said...

    I Love Cheaper than Therapy and 1/2 the Calories - I GET IT!!!

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