Stuff...mostly about Teeth again!

-My Boy tried to catch a Leprechaun with the trap he built. No such luck. He just let me know that he saw a shadow of a small man with a hat outside K's window....not sure if I should call the police or chalk it up for the cutest thing he's said today!

-Hubby just finished up our taxes for last year. I'm ECSTATIC, we're getting a nice federal chunk, plus a decent slab from the state! *join me in the 'happy dance'

-My Boy lost tooth number 2 last tonight. TF brought a crisp $2 bill.

-K now refers to herself as "NENOLL"
-DQ got 4 bottom braces on today. Here's the conversation as we left the orthodontist...

ME--Is your mouth sore?
DQ--Yeah, but chocolate candy helps with that!
ME--Right. Did they tell you to take Tylenol?
DQ--Yeah, but candy works faster!
ME--Those dentists and orthodontists stick together don't they?

-and...the awards for my two school kids. They really make their parents proud!

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